Derelict Policy, residence, wilderness , locked chests.

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  1. Sometimes your mind start to think. i know the Derelict Policy
    on residence that it get wiped after n days. (see wiki).

    But what about the policy on wilderness builds and locked chests.
    What happens with that if the Derelict Policy get active ?
    Also what happens with the rupees you have ?

    Think its a good question, still best to login at least once a week if you can stay out so long :rolleyes:

    Note: can someone corrrectt my type on the header ? its wilderness not widlrness :eek:
  2. Residences are the only thing subject to Derelict policy.

    You always keep your inventory, vault, rupees, etc, regardless how long you are gone.

    Wilderness builds are forever protected by grief policy. That is, you may not grief any build in the wild, regardless how long the player is gone for.

    Locked chests are also permanent. Though under very special circumstances, a player may request a locked chest is removed. (No you don't get to keep the contents of it).
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  3. So just for confirmation... I'm planning on leaving EMC for a couple of years, but returning at some point in the future. I expect my res to be derelict after 30 days of inactivity. I'm selling all my stuff to build up my rupees in the anticipation that my rupees remain intact after several years.

    I ask because another player told me that once you're derelict, your rupees drop to 5k. I couldn't find any reference to his claim. But also, I can't find any reference to the keeping of your rupees either. The wiki does not mention the policy as it relates to rupees. Do you know where this is referenced?
  4. Rupees are not removed when you go derelict, so you have nothing to worry about. Vault space is also kept, so if you want to store items in the vault for your return that's an option as well.
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  5. Actually..
    It used to be the case that player data would be erased at 6 months, but I'm not sure how it is enforced any more, if at all. The locked chests part is still relevant, although I think it might be for chests that are "in the way" of builds though.
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  6. I think your rupees only get lowered to 5k if you get a perma-ban and if your rupees balance was below 5k at the time you were banned it stays the same. #PermaBanKnowledge :p
  7. Thanks for your help. I'm keeping a copy of this chat and screen shots of my vaults for when I come back in a couple of years. Thanks peoples.
  8. Bigdavie's previous post was correct.

    We hold the right to delete server specific data after a period of 6 months of derelict status. This is not saying that it will happen, but rather that it can happen.
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  9. Reset to nothing, and you get up to 5k after doing the tutorial again I believe :)
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  10. WILL and CAN have the same effect in my mind. I guess I'll keep logging in every 6 months (or sooner) to maintain my rupees. I'll set up a monthly reminder.
  11. If you vote weekly it won't go derelict anyways right ?
  12. Voting refers to residence derelict, although it could be an okay idea to reset derelict on the rest too?
  13. If it resets one why wouldn't it reset all ? Voting shows an interest I'm the server
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