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How long have you been on EMC?

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Less Than 50 Days 4 vote(s) 6.5%
51 To 100 Days 2 vote(s) 3.2%
101 To 150 Days 3 vote(s) 4.8%
151 To 200 Days 2 vote(s) 3.2%
More Than 200 Days 50 vote(s) 80.6%
Uhh, I Don't Know. 1 vote(s) 1.6%
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  1. Well, lets begin with the story, shall we? Along time ago, in my early days of EMC, was a man named "Theminingninja". He was offering a major mining trip to anyone, but late at night so only one other person showed up: Blackster12. Theminingninja, Blackster and I all went THOUSANDS of blocks from spawn, across mountains and majestic oceans. We finally ended our journey on a small island in the middle of a ocean. from there, The Bunker was created. We dug all the way down to level 12, and began making a base of operations there. The stairway down opened down to a small main room and we had a branch for every persons room. we were all having fun mining together and making a little meeting room with a fireplace. shortly after, Blackster12's urge to use the nether portal so far from spawn overwhelmed him, and he gave in. I have no knowledge of any of his activities in the nether after that moment. then, disaster struck! a WILDERNESS RESET was occurring in the next few days! so, i vaulted as much stuff as i could from the base and, sadly, commited suicide in the lava lamp in the main room. More recently, i found out that Theminingninja had been banned for spamming. Some of you might have remembered his AMAZING parkour res. Blackster12 has also quit EMC as of December 20, 2012.

    Now, onto the new stuff!! I have been thinking, for a very long time about creating a revival of the bunker, and now is my chance! The Bunker 2.0 is now recruiting members. I would appreciate anyone willing to join and continue the legacy of The Bunker. Thank you all, and have a good day. ~Traynfreek

    The Application Form:
    Contributions you can give:
    Cool ideas:
    Will you be able to help with building?:
    Have you been banned? If so, why?:
  2. Bump! Remember: This is open to everyone(90%)!
  3. I'm not new to mc, but I only just started playing multiplayer, and this sounds like it would be awesome!
    1: Eriisu_neko (but most people just call me Kitty for short)
    2: Too many ideas; enthusiasm; I'm willing to do things such as farming and breeding so others can spend more time mining and whatnot.
    3: Probably nothing that hasn't already been thought of, but I was thinking of a tier system for the structure of the main base, connected by a core stair(or elevator) system. The first level would contain the farms, the second the main living/gathering area,the third would hold the crafting, smelting, and brewing/enchanting rooms, then the rest down to bedrock would be mining. (edit: All of it would be underground of course, with maybe only a tree farm above the entrance, to make finding it a bit harder)
    4: I would love to help build, especially since I've started getting better at making my creations look good, and I enjoy making underground structures.
    5: I've never been banned, and I don't see myself ever doing anything to change that.
  4. Technically, Ive been in EMC for over 400 days since jameskim885 was my old account :D
  5. Eriisu_neko, Thank you and you have been accepted! I'll be looking forward to seeing what all of us will be able to accomplish.:D
  6. 1.Godzminecraft [Just call me godz]
    2.I am a good minner and am great at farms and redstone contraptions.
    3. I was thinking of an Iron farm and a Mob Spawn Tower
    4. I would love to get materials and help consruct this amazing build.
    5. I have never been banned or have the slightest thought of doing something to get me banned.
  7. thank you Godz, for applying and i am happy to say, you have been accepted!:) I hope we can get out there ASAP, cause i don't want a repeat of the a fore mentioned story. :eek:
  8. Update: This is just a list of who is already going on the trip, and all remaining spots.

    1: Traynfreek(Me)
    2: Eriisu_neko (Kitty)
    3: Godzminecraft(Godz)
    4: TheMiniKins
    5: Melk73
    6: Jacob5089
    7: Jeremy_Gutspear
    8: 8Comimi
    9: SirZomb
    10: Linator123
    11: Open
    12: Open
    13: Open
    14: Open
    15: Open
  9. (Bunp)

    Just wondering when exactly we're going to plan on heading out, so I can make plans and start gathering stuffs.
    Will we meet up first and make plans then, or just find a time all of us can meet and go for it?
  10. The Application Form:
    IGN: TheMiniKins
    Contributions you can give: Auto-Farms, Mob grinders, Free enchantments
    Cool ideas: Make the whole city underground, to prevent griefers from scanning the live map for us (I will supply everyone who helps dig out if we do this with eff 4 unb 3 picks) :)
    Will you be able to help with building?: Sure :p
    Have you been banned? If so, why?: Yes, my friend advertised on my acc when I was eating...

    If I am accepted I can come pretty much any time from in about 5hrs
  11. The Application Form: Of Melk
    IGN: Melk73
    Contributions you can give: All seeds and Mining
    Cool ideas: Maybe a garden section?
    Will you be able to help with building?: Yeah! I love buiulding :)
    Have you been banned? If so, why?: Never :D
  12. Ign: jacob5089
    Contributions: I can supply redstone items and quartz, I am also fairly good at mining and farming.
    Cool idea? A disco party room.
    Will you be able to help with building? Yeah, I like building a lot.
    Have you been banned? If so, why? Never been banned :D
  13. Sorry I've gotten behind on updating the thread. My brother, his girlfriend and I went out to eat until 10:30 at a cool Mexican taco place in downtown Indy and we didn't get back until 11:00. xD

    Ok Minikins, Melk and Jacob, Welcome to the group! :D The "Cool Ideas" section is getting interesting.:p
    I think we can agree to start heading out on Sunday, April 7?
    Idk, is that is an O.K. time for you guys? EDIT: I updated the "Who's Going" list.
  14. I cant do Sunday, sorry, is Saturday possible?
  15. i cant go saturday but i could go later sunday like 3 or 4
  16. Wut about Friday?
  17. The Application Form:
    IGN: Jeremy_Gutspear
    Contributions you can give: Can build good quality things in short spaces of time/Good at mining.ect also a lot of tools from a past enchant buisness and a crap tonne of stone.
    Cool ideas: Fishing dome
    Will you be able to help with building?: Yes
    Have you been banned? If so, why?: Nope (If i have i cannot remember)
  18. Also is there an agreed global time?
    Just wondering as i am in tenerife.
  19. Ok. well it seems setting a time is an issue.:eek:
    Jeremy, where is Tenerife? Also, i can't do Saturday. What about Monday? I get back from school at 3:20 Eastern Time, so any time until 7:00 Eastern Time is good for me.
  20. I could probably do 6 or 6:30 EST.
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