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  1. I'm not sure if this has been suggested already or if it already exists, but i think EMC needs a actual friend so you can see what server your friends are on the same way you can see which server staff are on.
  2. /p [playername]
  3. Like say /friend add [playername] and can see /friend list to see where they are?
    If you want to remove one just do /unfriend [playername]

    +0 If you really want friends you should be involved in chats in game and discussions on fourms. Not saying your idea is bad, I just dont see a need for it.

    Edit: Next time please add "[Suggestion]" in your title if suggesting ideas for additions like this.
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  4. That sounds like an easy way to find all your friends but as f_builder pointed out it does already exist.. you just may have to work a little to find who ya want.Anyway, thanks for the suggestion (btw, there really is a place for suggestions) :p It's always good to keep an open mind .. creativity gets kinda stifled without it and we wouldn't want that. :(

    Also, welcome to EMC, nice to have you join our big diverse and wonderful community. :D
  5. A friends system was SUPPOSED to be released before Dragon tombs, so you can buddy up and tackle the tombs as a group. It was never heard of again outside of the initial thread, the same with dragon tombs :p
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  6. Isn't that just the Groups system? That is most definitely a thing.
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  9. better?
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