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  1. Hi everyone.
    My world history class is doing a social awareness project for our last project of the school year. We have to play on a website called
    What we have to do is answer the questions for our class and that will donate rice to hungry people around the world. As an incentive, she said that the top class' group will get a party on the last day of school and the top 3 people out of all her classes will get extra credit.

    However, there is some cheating going on I believe.

    This one kid in period 5 is using a bot to get first place. It says on the website to NOT use bots, yet he does anyway. I can't beat him myself. With him, period 5 is beating my class, period 4. I don't think it's fair that they are winning from that. However, that's where you, the EMC community, come in.

    What I want you to do, is to go onto the website and press the button that says register. Once you register, login to your new account and press the button that says groups. In the search box, type lvcp and it will show you a few results. Click the one that says LVCP World History period 4. Once you do, click the button that says join group. After that, press the play button on the group's page, click the subject you want to play in, and donate rice to hungry people!

    There is another incentive, not for my class, but for YOU the EMC community!
    The top donator from EMC to join the group by the date: 6/14/2013, will earn 3,000 rupees!

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Go and feed hungry people and eliminate injustice!
  2. I know this is for a good cause, but it seems like you are using that fact just to front your own personal agenda.
  3. I honestly never learned anything from that site.
    Just get the question right and you donate rice. Get it wrong, it'll come back in a few minutes for you to guess again. No learning, just guessing, really.
  4. Toaster has a point.
  5. The person is cheating. The teacher doesn't even know about it and I don't think that she will listen to me because she'll think that im just trying to win. And besides, do you think it is possible in 1 minute to go from a total of 43,000 to 46,000? I don't think its possible
  6. But you just told a bunch of people to enlist for a class they aren't in. Don't call someone a cheater and than proceed to cheat. I hate double standards like that.
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  7. Sorry, but I can't join your group. Sparer has a good point.

    However, thanks for showing me the website! I'm going to spend all my free-time on this to help people out. ^.^

    Though, you SHOULD tell the teacher anyways. What's the worse she can do?
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  8. The teacher gave us permission to recruit people who aren't in our class
  9. Are you serious?
  10. I use this site in school.
  11. First off, your cheating also by asking us to join. Another thing is that does it really matter who wins? For a party? so what? and do you really think we can actually beat bots? I don't think so.

    Edit: Forget about the cheating part. Just saw your post about teacher allowing you to recruit people.
  12. I'm angry.
    Someone on Freerice is impersonating me
  13. Well, i guess i'll join.
    It's for a good cause and i'm not cheating.
    But, remeber: it's for the donation, not for the party.
    Oh, and i guess i've already signed up for freerice, i was able to get in
  14. Is the bot possibly named ; "Idontbot"?
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  15. I feel so stupid; i can't get half of these questions correct :confused:
  16. I'll join. I've been on this website before because I saw it in a magazine, but I suppose that I will have to make a new account.
    EDIT: Woo, only like 10 minutes in and I have 500 grains
  17. I just donated 1000 grains
  18. who is "bobjohn20" ?
  19. I'm going to get up to 10,000 by wednesday