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  1. Hi all,

    I have recently started a great online community on SMP5 called Freedom Elite. It is a huge floating castle just south of the main spawn on SMP5. This is an Open Community and our purpose is to share resources and build without limits.

    We only ask a couple things for you to join our community:

    Don't destroy anything that has already been built.
    Respect others by giving some space between your building and theirs.
    Treat others the way you want them to treat you.
    Don't steal or greif (greifers and theives will be banned)
    Have Fun!

    Again - this is open to anyone. Just put your name on your stuff and lock your chests.

    I look forward to seeing you there.


    Triumph Castle1.png Triumph Castle2.png Triumph Castle3.png Triumph Castle4.png
    New Cathedral

    Ship and Harbor

    Ship by Yendis99

    [More pics to come soon]
  2. i want to join
  3. Anyone is welcome to join! Come by and start building! :)
  4. Nice place man! My res is on SMP5 so might stop by and have a look around.... :)
  5. awesome! i think it will be greifed tho, so have extra supplies!
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  6. Well, know I know why you dont respond to chat :p always in wild, I think ill join :p which F direction is south? :p
  7. Well, it did get grieved. And sorry night, somehow got kicked, 3 days -_-
  8. Picture 4.png Picture 2.png
    Here are some new snapshots of the new Freedom Elite sign! I did the lettering, Night_Triumph did the fire and Torian42 helped us out also. We also have more lots available. Come join us!
  9. Greifing happened but the greifers were caught and perma-banned :D
    No worries Sushi, hope to see you when you get back.

  10. UPDATE:

    Well, we've been here almost three weeks and we currently have around 20 members with homes in FEC. With a 60 person capacity on SMP5, our ranks at FEC make up 1/3 of the total population of this server! Those are big numbers and we plan to expand even more!

    Our current leadership team is Dark_Nidus, Torian42, Heyaroo, and myself. We are usually on throughout most of the day individually, and sometimes collectively - and available to help our community members with information and a helping hand.

    Right now homes in FEC are open throughout the area. We are building a cross city Tram and have convenient roads and tunnels to spawn and the desert. (Kudos to Dark_Nidus, our master architect!)

    Unity is important in any community, so we have asked people to follow the EMC guidelines in dealing with each other.

    Anyone is welcome and many open 10x10 home lots are available in the city and lots of any size are available in the surrounding country side also!

    Come build and live with us - We are a team and a community, sharing and enjoying the freedom to have fun and build our DREAMS without limits!!!! Come join us!
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  11. UPDATE:

    Well guys - all good things must come to an end. We came, we saw, we built, and..... We built too close to the spawn.

    Had a convo with Shaunwhite1982 about our location. A couple of things came up:

    1) As it turns out, there will be a limit implemented for the Dragon Egg land claims - anything inside a 5000 block radius from spawn will not be allowed to be claimed. I am sure this is for the reason of allowing people to go into the wild to collect resources without having to travel long distances to do so. It's kind of a no-brainer that no one would be allowed to have exclusivity this close to spawn, no matter how big their current buildings or monuments are inside that radius.

    2) A large part of our buildings are within the periodic reset area, shown on the live map by a yellow square. In the talking to Shaunwhite, he said that currently the resets are manual, and while recently resetting, he and Maxarias saw our buildings and spared them in order to give us a warning and time to move things.In the future Aikar will have code in place for the resets to be automatic, and essentially nothing will be spared inside that yellow box.

    So this is now official - Everything inside the yellow box will be reset - houses, tunnels, chests, torches, resources, Everything. Now is your chance to go gather the resources you used to build your house and use those resources elsewhere. To help you all with this Heyaroo and I have built a cobble wall/line in the air with signs on it stating in which direction the reset area is.

    The Castle and the Northern Addition, the Ship, Harbor, Light House, and Beach area will all remain (however the castle and northern addition have already been heavily greifed).
    The Ship, Harbor, Light House, and Beach area will all be maintained by Yendis99 And Akkie_Pakkie.

    Gathering resources and possessions will NOT be considered griefing as long as it is your own building and your own stuff - but if you are seen griefing or stealing someone elses stuff, YOU WILL BE BANNED.

    Get it. Got it. Good.

    Essentially we are looking at one week from today 10/13/2012, that the periodic reset area will be wiped clean (either by admins or TNT). Please gather your stuff accordingly.


    FEC will continue - but at a currently undisclosed location as to keep the griefers and thieves away. If you are interested in helping build the future of FEC, PM myself or Dark_Nidus in game.You can also visit 11386 The Halls of FEC for new information about membership and our new trust system.

    Thanks for all your support and we look forward to building with you :)

  12. Well, The trust system apparently failed.

    With a location that was secret and extremely far out in the wild, one of our "trusted members" still could not withhold themselves from the temptation to steal valuables.

    Chests were stolen from, large amounts of rail track were taken, and some griefing took place.

    All this to say that you really have to know someone well in order to invite them into your base or home.

    I had hoped this moment would never come, but it has........

    FEC is now disbanded. The portals have been removed and there is now no way to get to the new location except the several hour journey in the overworld.

    I'm sorry it came to this - thieves are everywhere, and honestly I don't want to play with thieves.

    Our projects will only continue with a small few of us that know each other extremely well - you know who you are.

    Everyone else - good luck in your journeys, but stay away. Anyone one seen in our base will be reported for griefing. If you left stuff out there - I'm sorry. PM me and we'll chat about your stuff.

  13. No! Don't give up! Wild communities have to deal with griefings! I mean, look at the LLO! We still stand! Even after countless griefings, burnings, lootings, etc. we refuse to give up. Rebuild. Start anew. Continue and show that you refuse to be pushed down by griefers. Wild communities need to be strong. Don't give up.
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  14. is anyone still there? I wander around the ruins from time to time. sad to see them in such disrepair
  15. It's probably not that active anymore as this thread is old and nobody has posted on it since October 2012. Just a friendly reminder, you shouldn't bump old threads like these (You obviously ignored the big red text)
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  16. Why did you bump this..
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  17. because I wanted to know if anyone was still active on it and didn't see any other threads.
  18. If no one posted on this for around a year, do you think its active?
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