[Free] Toaster Doing Things Agency Sig Service!

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    NOTICE: As this service is free, I cannot guarantee that your request will be made. I complete these when I have the time, and when the mood strikes me. Do not be disappointed if your sig takes a while, and do not ask me to hurry up, or else it goes on the Do Not Do list.
    Hello all! Due to my recent acquisition of Photoshop, I now have the ability to provide the best sigs I can make to you! And instead of doing this for profit, these are completely free! Just fill out the request form below!

    Background: Specified image or type of image.
    Images: Name images you want placed on, orientation, etc.
    Text: List all text and subtext you wish for your sig, as well as their colors, effects, size, and fonts (exact font or style).
    Effects: Self explanatory (I hope).
    Anything else: Anything else.

    Above: Made for another forum, modified for my usage here.

  2. Background: Orange and technologic of somesort
    Images: Nyan Cat, Challenge Accepted meme.
    Text line 1: Electrobomb 2: Quad-tower shop 18894 on smp9 3: Poptart Cat follower. 3d text of somesort and whatever color blends in:)
    Effects: something cool i guess.
    Something else: Thanks so much:D i have been trying to find how do do this forever:)
  3. Background: Blue and cool
    Images: My skin, (ill give you the picture)
    Text: 1:Kippy159 2:Visit the Kippy159 shop 3: Come to 12663, on SMP 6
    Effects: Anything that looks good/cool

    Thank you!

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  4. I need to inform you that 3D text is likely outside my sklllset.
  5. Done Electrobomb.

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  6. Background: Shaded Black with blue lights flashing out. (No animation)
    Images: My Avatar :p
    Text Line 1: Mindlegokid 2. MindMart 540 SMP1 3: Playin' EMC. White text with bold writing
    Effects: Anything that suits you. :p
    Something else: Just that, thanks. :D
  7. Background: Space with Death Star
    Images: Minecraft Vader and boba fett
    Text line 1: Come to the ark side- we have cookies
    Effects: Anything :p
    Something else: Thank you!
  8. Those Photoshop skills will come to good use very soon. :cool:
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  9. Mwa ha ha... I'm the only one who knows what he means :3
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  10. sweet thanks:)
  11. I made a couple mistakes while I was making it (misspelled your name and put SMP1 instead of SMP6), but I kept the .psd, so it's all good now.

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  12. ok thank you
  13. why you didn't place this one in your "previous work" spoiler:
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  14. Looks great ty alot
  15. That reminds me, I really need to download Adobe CS6 to put my skills to work ;)
  16. I don't know what you're talking about.
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  17. If I could get a link to the MC characters...
  18. My skin is boba, it doesn't have to have Vader.
  19. Done!

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