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  1. Currently, I'm working on a searchable mall on SMP6. It's a lot of work! I just made 1 DC of signs for all of my /res tpsigns. I need 2 per. I think that when you place a sign that says 'teleport' or when you make a shop sign, you only need one. Example:
    1. I use /res tpsign on my res.
    2. I make the teleport sign in my shop lobby.
    3. Once I make the teleport sign, I am given another sign to continue.
    4. When I'm done with this teleporter, I will break the sign, and nothing will drop.
    This would cut down on my wood use, and just be super helpful. I am a huge fan of /res tpsign, named locations, and shop signs, I think they should just be free.
    +1 or -1?
  2. I'm not sure I understand, so I'm going to ask. why do you need two signs per? You dont need a sign at the side you did the /res tpsign.

    So you only need 1 at the location people must click. Am I missing something here because all my tpsigns work this way?
  3. No, I only need one for the /res tpsign, I just have to label where that is going!
  4. I think this may be very buggy and cause server lag. Also it is not that hard to get signs. I think it would be considered too much work for such a little thing.

    A stack of logs gets like 12 stacks of signs.

    Also you can get the perks through supporter. And really it is obtained free also as you can use in game cash for vouchers.
  5. So I made 2 DCs of signs. I used around 12 stacks of logs. I simply think that it should be free.
  6. Then this would not be needed as you would be getting free items if you place the sign and get one back for the tp spot... easy to exploit.
  7. Not to rain down on you...

    But it is just not worth it.... I like the idea bUT this is not a creative server...
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  8. How would you exploit it? They don't drop when destroyed
  9. You could easily use the command but not use the sign for the item.

    You could also glitch it to get more

    Just the way I see it. It's just not worth it...

    What you are saying is I should get a town road etid built for free and have no items I have to give... for example a road made of beacons.
  10. I still fail to understand the problem. You stand at your destination, you use /res tpsign, and then you place a sign. So I don't understand why you'd need two.

    Maybe you'd like another one for extra decoration and all; like I've done in my home where several buttons can teleport players to other areas so I used signs to explain their function, but that's all part of the decoration process and has nothing to do with the RTS (residence teleportation system) itself.

    Well, the other thing is already mentioned above: wood is pretty much an indefinite source; a few sapplings, a good axe and you can chop your way to DC's of wood in no time.

    Just for context but I'm using RTS pretty much to its extreme, also combining named locations, teleport signs and RTS. Yet I never felt that it was somehow limited. Sure, you need signs but every teleport setup is a one way trip. So the exact requirement is always one sign.

    And if you break it you'll get your sign back. So yah...

    Sorry, but I really don't see what problem this should solve...

  11. I'm really sorry but I don't think this is a good idea, I do argee with ShelLuser but I think there is one more problem, the programming. I just don't even think this is possible in a not-that-long time. you would first have to program it that it gives you a sign when typed, that's not that much work, but after that you would need to program it that it remembers that that sign should not be dropping itself when broken. You can also program it that all RTS signs will not be dropping anything, but that would be a problem for the signs that are already placed.

    So, sorry, I just don't think this would be worth it, while I'm not even sure what the problem actually is...

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  12. Its too easy to get wood for this to be a problem. Maybe if there was a shortage, but there never will be. This is MINEcraft :) Just go out there and chop them trees.
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