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  1. Heya,
    so uhm during vacation I have no internet as I'm not at home and I just got a pretty decent vote streak I do not want to loose :/
    Here comes your part :D If anyone could vote for me (Lukas3226) and my alt (Lukas_3226) during the time from 21th October to 9th November I would pay him/her some rupees.

    If you manage to let my streak not decrase, you would get 30k. (it's now at 344 (245 on my alt) so if it is still there when I'm back (which would mean you needn't vote each day ))
    If you manage to vote daily you'll get an extra 20k, so up to 50k.

    I really hope, I can find someone as last time it was really hard :/

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  2. Yeah, i can do this for you!
  3. I want to do this :p
  4. Oh wow, thanks to all of you for your interest, you just earned yourself 1k :D
    But I chose Jacob as he has the highest voting streak :)
    Is it okay with you guys, even though you commented first?
    aww if I had seen this before I would have saved myself a few bucks :p
    So uhm, you try to vote daily :)?
    1/3 payout first? so 10k. ( please confirm first :) )
    when you vote each day ( even when you miss 1-2 it doesn't matter ) you gonna receive the left 40k; or just keep the streak the left 20k, okay?
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  5. Sure, no problem. :) as long as you're happy, I'm fine :p
  6. I'm too late, I guess :rolleyes: Why so much money though? I think that's more than it actually earns you!
  7. Sure thing.
  8. Don't label this free rupees, you are technically doing a job xD
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  9. So you did a pretty good job, thanks for that ;)
    going to pay the 40k just now :)
  10. Thanks :D
    I forgot a day or two here or there, but I also forgot to vote for myself :p
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