[FREE] Public Free Stone Gen at smp1 - 1728

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  1. Public Free Stone Gen at smp1 - 1728
    - Bring your own pickaxe to mine stone for free.
    - Haste II beacon effect supports you with mining speed.
    - Try a diamond pickaxe Eff5 to mine VERY fast.
    - The stonegen has an autounstuck that may take 1-2 minutes to start
  2. Griefed in 3...
  3. It's designed to be ungriefable. :)
  4. Cool. How?
  5. Well its up and running since month's.
    I would fix it and its also not that easy to grief. (And its forbidden.)
  6. The power of the use flag. :)
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  7. I saw how it works...
  8. Interesting, I might make use of it :)