[Free] Potions

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    /v 5717 (step on the telepad named "mass brewer" and head to the left)
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    Currently Available Include: Strength II (1:30), Health II Linger, Regen II (0:22)

    I ask that players not abuse this, each button push shoots you 3 potions. Please dont take more than 6 at a time. I am not in any way profiting from this- It is so that you guys can use potions w/o having to buy them or make them on your own.

    I will accept donations of glass bottles and glistering melons/gold nuggets if you have spares so I can expand and allow you to take more potions in the future.

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  2. Bump. Seems like some people have used this. Already 2DC of each type have been removed... Which doesnt make sense because if only 20 views on the thread @ 6 potions per person... smh. Please dont abuse this guys. :)

    I might make a different system (shop signs), wanted to do it with redstone to have it look cool but that cont be possible I guess.
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  3. Thx AmusedStew For doing this:D
  4. this is really cool thanks :p
  5. Bump, these two potions are amazing for killing Krysyy tonight :)
  6. i tried a similar design couldn't get the water to work is it full auto or semi?
  7. Which thing?... The auto brewer? See here for brewer.
  8. bump! Death event tonight. Added regen II