Free Materials for Established Outposts

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  1. Hey there,

    I've always been a strong supporter of Outposts. It's time to put my money (materials) where my mouth is though. If you have an Established outpost that is used by more than just you and your alt, setup 3 chests for me on a res and I'll fill them with goodies. If there is anything in particular you can use let me know and I'll see what I can do. You can PM me, or post here. Please include a link to your establishment thread.

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  2. Ill set up 3 chests shortly, we need 2 dc of gold blocks and 1 dc of quartz.

    Jokes aside, this is great of you to do. If you fall short of any supplies drop me a PM kevmeup and I'll be glad to help out as well.
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  3. Wow your SOOOO kind! ^-^
    I can donate some materials if you need em ;)

    Might use this when we have a easy way to get to my outpost lol
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  4. Thanks! I'm in need of some Gold and rail.. Setting up chests now :D
  5. Please post your established outpost thread, I couldn't see it on forums.
  6. Kev very good job
    In fact if anyone needs help with there outpost let me know
    I may be able to give u some Do's and Don't .
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  7. i just wish someone had a nether rail building service
  8. At least once 1.9 hits you don't need to top slab it to prevent pigs ;) Sounds like a few people would use the service though.
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  10. thank you
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  11. In 1.9, you can also stop mob spawns with most Redstone components, grass paths, and End rods.
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  12. Bump. Plenty more goodies to share.
  13. Bump. Free Stuff for Established outposts..
  14. What a great initiative!

    Our outpost could gladly use more quartz and diorite. Any other members who see this please feel free and hop in with any material requests, those are the only things I can think of that we don't have an over-abundance of.

    We have around 14 members, several of which are very active and well-known in-game.

    I would like to team up with you and contribute some of our overstock to your great project to help established outposts! Please PM me, I have a res already built and prepared on Smp5 that we can use for headquarters and for pickups/donations if you want to make this official and do something fancy. I'll set up some chests on it and you can take a look around and see if you would like to use it. I'll get it set up and send you the res nr separately when I get home from work.

    Originally established on Smp5 with the name Jackpot Canyon, and then we changed name to Middle Earth and are currently Tolkien only builds (except for a couple of things that were built before we went all Middle-Earthy!)

    Currently taking applications for new members, but we are very picky - contact me or God_of_Gods if you are a mature die-hard Tolkien fan, great at building in medieval style, and interested in contributing to our community and joining us.
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  15. I can't believe I've only just seen this, what an awesome idea!

    So I'm part of the Regen outpost on SMP4, there's at least 10 of us and we're all pretty active/inactive on/off so to speak. The outpost was founded by kevm.... uh oh...


    (sorry, couldn't resist) ;)
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  16. As i don't tend to do any mining besides making room in 1.7 areas, I may not be much help with those particular items, but I'm sure I can find some other goodies.

    I originally setup chests for pickup on my HQ res, but I soon found out that some people would ask for supplies and never pick them up, even after multiple reminders. For instance I just took _____'s name off of 3 chests from 8 months ago :) Delivering seems to be much more effective as the person requesting the supplies has to make the space first.
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