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  1. Please note that these items are not in actual EMC unless you can move the items to EMC via TMI or other mods.

    I make EMC items in a world and give you a world download. Simple nuff. To order, post bellow what you want!

    1st line : Actual Item itself (EX: Diamond)
    2nd line : The name of the Item! Use the /n to represent the section sign (For colors) and use the Minecraft Wiki Formating Codes to represent colors. (EX: /n6/nlGem/r
    3rd line : Any lore? Use color codes as in the name.
    4th line : EMC attributes (EX: Soulbound, Final, etc)
    5th line : Normal Minecraft attributes (EX: HP, DMG, etc)
    6th line : Enchantments (EX:Sharpness, Unbreaking, Projectile Protection)
    7th line : Other things (Like player heads or Shinyness w/o enchantments)

    Diamond Sword
    /na:/1 Cool Sword /na:/nr
    /neIt is cool.
    Soulbound, Final, Unbreakable
    +9 Attack Damage

    Think of your items! I'll make them in a jiffy! World download after the first item made!
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  2. Boomp. Please post your opinions so I can improve!
  3. I'm not sure about this, why whould we need it? I mean: when it's free I think you can better make a [TOTORIAL] thread and show us (the members of emc) how to it :p (as I alredey said on one of your other threads, maby I'm a bit negative today)
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  4. I made this because I just want to use my skillz on the EMCs forum. ;)
  5. Having trouble with TMI for additional data (the data for custom stuff like soul bound), so unable to take orders with EMC attributes. Sorry! And a bump too.
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  7. I just want to use my NBT knowledge and share it on the forums!
  8. Something in the road...
  9. BUMP! I'm loud sometimes.
  10. Now TMI is on the road. Bump a da doo!
    Edit- I would like to have at least have one order with a 4 rating.
  11. It doesn't actually have to be Soulbound, it could just say Soulbound.

    1st line : Wooden Hoe
    2nd line : The Best Garden Tool
    3rd line : n/a
    4th line : Soulbound
    5th line : DMG = 68
    6th line : Projectile Protection I
    7th line : n/a

    (No colored names)
  12. On it!
    Edit-do you want non-italic white name?
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  13. That would be nice. And no need for a world download; just upload a picture? Unless of course a WD is necessary.
  14. Click here to see the item in spoiler. Thank you!
  15. Bump. Will add my own items to the mix.
  16. 1st Line: Diamond Sword
    2nd Line: /naShyguy's Demolisher
    3rd Line: The sword of Shyguy, killer to the opponent
    4th Line: Soulbound, Final, Unbreakable
    5th Line: DGM
    6th Line: Sharpness 1000, Knockback 2, Fire Aspect 2, Looting 3
    7th Line: Shiny
  17. What does DGM mean? Sry!
  18. *DMG
  19. How much damage?
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