[FREE] Infinity Farms

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  1. Infinity Outpost Presents...
    Public Farms

    Need enchantments? Emeralds? Wheat? Carrots? Potatoes? Ice? Snow? Dyes? You're in luck! I have a farm for that... and it's PUBLIC!

    How do I get to these farms!?
    All you need to do is come to SMP5 and type /v +infinity or /v Dektirok. This will bring you to the central hub. From there, find the sign for the farm you want and step on the emerald block!

    Work doesn't look like it's fully done?
    Yes, most of the farms are a work in progress, however the majority of them are all producing already, just not at max capacity. We are a small team and we are building as fast as we can. If you wish to donate your time, there is A LOT of work to do and we'ld be willing to put you to work.

    What Farms are there?
    Villager Trading
    This is located at 10284 if you want to go there directly. Every enchant has a villager represented. Also, if you want to use the carrot/potato/wheat/melon/pumpkin farms to trade for emeralds I have several villagers available to do this as well.

    Wheat/Seed Farm
    This is located at 10359 if you want to go there directly. Currently there are about 5 or 6 cells that are producing. There are plans to have upwards of 20. There is a pressure plate system next to the designated item frame. Stand on the pressure plate and the access chest fills. The lamps indicate how many DC's are currently in store. Each lamp is 1 single DC. Take what you need!

    Carrot / Potato Farm
    This is located at 10358 if you want to go there directly. Currently there is 1 full tower for each Carrot/Potato that is producing. There will soon be an additional tower for a max of 16 cells each producing. There are a "Free" shop sign up for each next to the correlating Item frame! This will soon be converted to a pressure plate system like the rest. Take what you need!

    Melon Pumpkin Farm
    This is located at 10284 if you want to go there directly. There are many melon/pumpkin towers built. There is a pressure plate system to stand on in order to gain the items you want. Stand on the plate until the access chest fills. The lamps indicate how many DC's are currently in store. Take what you need!

    Flower / Dye Farms
    This is located at 10358@flower if you want to go there directly. There are several mechanisms that each can create flowers/seeds. The color of the glass represents the color of the dye produced by the farm itself. There is an access chest in front of each farm that you can deposit your bonemeal. Once you place bonemeal, go in... STAND ON THE WOOD... and flip the lever. It will make... alot of flowers very fast. There are also 4 Tall flower farms as well. Insert bonemeal into the access chest and stand on pressure plate. Insta flowers go!

    Snow Farm
    coming soon

    Ice Farm
    Coming soon

    Sugar Farm
    This is located at 10284@sugar if you want to go there directly. There are several chests with FREE sale signs attached to them. Take as much as you wish. These are primarily intended to convert to paper to use to trade to villagers for paper. Either to reset them for book trades or for straight emeralds.
  2. What can I do to help!!? :D
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  3. Free eh? Ask toade what I could do with that free farm :p
  4. There aren't any access signs at the wheat farm
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  5. Would it be rude to bump this excellent thread
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  6. Addedd acces signs back to the wheat/seeds/carrots/potatos after having them down for the past week.
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  7. This is the much awesome. :)
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  8. ^ What he said :)
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  9. I know this is an old thread but I've been using your flower farms the past few days to get some dye that I needed and it has been a HUGE help so I just wanted to publicly thank you.
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  10. Dek was my inspiration to make my public flower farms on smp1 ^_^

    Great guy here, with some awesome community outreach ♡
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  11. Never noticed this until now.. Lots of different farms. It reminds me of PWU but I'm town :D I'm going to check them out when I get on. :)
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  12. Been awhile since this has been bumped.

    This farm area is still very active and very well stocked. I just made the sugar cane farm public with [FREE] Signs attached to the chests. These are located on the melon/pumpkin farm res, up where the public villager trading is.

    I will be directing alot more attention to these residences and cleaning them up as well as opening a Mega-mall next door that will be available for buy/sell on quite literally EVERYTHING.
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  13. Quick update on the complex:

    I have taken a few steps to reduce lag towards the melon/pumpkin farm. It will take a little time for it to work itself out and clear the hoppers, but it will be an improvement.

    I've also just about finished my mall and it's open for business. I have tried to keep the margins on everything as low as possible. It buys and sells just about everything. I still have a little bit of wrapping up to do, but feel free to come by and let's do business. Yes... I buy and sell items that you can get, or make for free at the farms. Feel free to take advantage of this.... it WAS taken into consideration.

    I'll make a different thread for the mall itself, as I wouldn't consider it part of the [FREE] part. Also, I can use that to track updates to that there so anything for the farms won't get lost in that. I just wanted to make a quick note of the mall here, since it IS all in the same complex.
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  14. Yay! Awesome stuff :D
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  15. You can also reduce lag out of redstone by limiting the amount of redstone wires and torches getting powered. Redstone Dust has been identified by the people of SciCraft as the #1 cause of lag from redstone.

  16. Well... yes. Im fully aware of this. Due to the sheer size of some of the farms thats hard to limit. I do need clean up and modify the redstone a bit at the base of the towers, but only one man. :)
  17. If anyone would like to donate some time, I could use a hand with some basic things around these farms. I would supply all the materials, just need the manpower to get it done.

    - building up the walls on wheat farm
    - changing out the spruce wood at carrot farm to dark oak farm to match the rest of the farms
    - adding lighting to carrot/potato farm
    - helping build snow farm
  18. Bump

    Added a villager to the melon/pumpkin/villager res. It's a priest that has max emerald to redstone AND max emerald to glowstone. That's 1 emerald for 4 redstone and 1 emerald for 3 glowstone. It is located down by the emerald trading villagers.

    I am currently in the process of adding cartographers
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