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  1. I have these games. 10,000 rupees each. Jusk kidding
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Thomas Was Alone
    A Virus Named TOM
    Brutal Legend
    FTL: Faster Than Light
    Mark of the Ninja <-- (My most favorite game of all time)
    Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
    Trine 2: Complete Story
    Spring Bonus
    Creatures: The Albian Years

    PM if you want any of them :D
    One per person
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  2. May I please have either McPixel or Thomas Was Alone? Either will do :p

    Why re you giving them away anyway?
  3. Own them all, have extras.
  4. all would be nice :p especially FTL
  5. the only one i ever play is the powder toy (physics simulator+minecraft+cool)
  6. If that FTL was still available.. I would not be against asking for it.

    EDIT: Champ'd

    Maybe Mark of the Ninja then?
  7. Trine 2 I love muchly :3
  8. Can I have FEZ or a Virus Named Tom? Thanks for giving games away :D
  9. Could I have Amnesia or Virus named tom? Thanks!
  10. Could you all send PMs please? Thanks. You can all have any game, I have multiple copies.
  11. hahahaha If you can recommend me a good game with multiplayer from this list you can have FTL :p
  12. How did you get them?
  13. Could I have Amnesia and LIMBo? Plz and thnx for the free games.
  14. 10,000 rupees each? uh no.... (is that even allowed smooch?) jk :p
  15. lol, nobody even saw that. theres also graytext tho lol
  16. my post may have been edited after I saw the supergray test :p
  17. Bump so it gets on the front page :p
  18. Dammit, of course I see this thread after all of the copies of Fez are gone... sigh.
  19. Shh. ill give you one.
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  20. Could i Please have Bastion?? I really want that game So BAD :D!!!
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