Free enchanted pic for one lucky new member

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  1. I thought I would be generous as I have alot of diamonds and xp from my grinder at the moment so I thought I would give away an enchanted diamond pic. Post what you like about the EMC to win.
    Conditions : you must have Joined the EMC less than a mounth ago so we don't get millionaires claiming it. If you win it Is for personal use so you can't sell it. This compation will close in roughly 3 days time and the winner will be announced shortly after! The second prize that will be an efficancy I unbrecking I diamond pic. The winner for the 2nd prize will be randomly drawn, all members going for the first prize will be entered for second, and you dont have to be a new member to apply for second. ( the first prize will be juged on your reson and how new you are/your onlie reputation e.g being kicked before or allways helping others.) the first prize is a unbreaking III efficancy IV that has been extreemly kindly donated by hillbillybeastly. :)

    current entrys:
    people going for first place and second:
    manglex, reason:

    I like EMC, Even though I haven't played on a server I've heard nothing but AMAZING things about it.

    wilyum, reason: Hey, I joined a few days ago and I personally love how friendly the community is.

    sqigglyjeff, reason: the things i like about emc are:
    1. the mods don't abuse there power
    2. you and your friends can build a house on the same plot without someone coming to ruin it
    3. all the friendly people i have met the short amount of time i have played on the emc servers
    4. only diamond players are allowed to use tnt so everyone cant destroy the wild
    5. how anyone can run a store no matter what

    (magicalforce is banned from this compotion for lieing)

    dylan_frenette, reason:

    what is like about EMC is:

    1: the admins and mods are friendly and act as everyone is equal.
    2: none of the people i have seen on EMC are mean towards other members ( except for xi_tom )
    3: the wilderness and griefing isnt blasted with TNT
    4: you can trust just about anyone on EMC
    5: trololololol :D

    entrys just for the second prize random draw:
    everybody abouve entering for 1st
    Jackbiggn (he didnt enter, i entered for him due to his help on this thred)
  2. Ok I just made the enchantment it is a diamond efficancy 1 unbreaking 1, happy competing all!
  3. If this picks up I'll add a second prize of an enchanted Iron pic
  4. Newo hey buddeh, are you setting up a number system of claiming and use to find the winner? Here I'll set up an example:
    1: n00B123
    3: XxEMCFTWxX
    4: AlexChance2
    5: JustinGUY_FTW will chose a number from XX to XX and you put a screenie of the number it chooses

    People choose which number they want and once they all fill up you do the thing and make a post in the forums! good luck with your contest!
  5. This is a great offer for the community! :) However, I wouldn't do it off forum status, I'd do it off join date. After all, you can have been on the server since it started an never posted in the forum so you'd counted as a new member, or you could be brand new and got enough posts/likes and become a member.
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  6. Guys I have improved it I'm sure it will be to your liking!
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  7. Much fairer and accurate now :)
  8. Just a question; how can you be sure they don't resell it?
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  9. I like EMC, Even though I haven't played on a server I've heard nothing but AMAZING things about it.
    Did I win?? :)
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  10. I can't stop them but out of good gesture most decent people wouldn't. I'll just have to trust their nature, that's also why I asked the question in the form what do u like the best about the EMC!
  11. I joined on April 24th. Is that too much time played for me to enter? D: If it is, then I understand (but I hope it's not :3).

    Also, I'm not a millionaire, I only have 15k rupees. :p
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  12. First contestant right up there! ^ Hope you win. (Sign me up for the contest ;) jking)
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  13. Uber Like :) :) :) :) :)
  14. You'll be put into a draw and judged on your reason at the end of 3 days and then we will let you know who won. If no body else awnsers then it would go to you!
  16. Um, I asked if it was ok if I entered... Sorry Manglex, but I won't pass this up. :3
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  17. Hey, I joined a few days ago and I personally love how friendly the community is.
    (Sorry Manglex! Just had to.)
  18. May the best man... err or creeper win. :)
  19. It's not a's a slime...

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  20. You have more money than me I only have 4k I'll put u in the draw for 2nd place as ur fairly new
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