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  1. In celebration of Free Comic Book Day, Image is giving away 196 first issues for free! Yes, that is right 196 comics. For free. Just a quick word of warning, though: Younger members of EMC probably shouldn't download any of these. Seriously. Don't do it.
  2. What do you mean by younger members and why shouldn't they? (Well, I actually think you mean me, but still, why shouldn't I?)
  3. Here is just a quick list of things that I have read before and think are good:
    The Walking Dead, Saga, East of West, The Manhattan Projects, Black Science, Alex + Ada, Fatale, Deadly Class, Nowhere Men, Sex Criminals, Revival, Morning Glories, Drumhellar, Chew, Bedlam, Change, Comeback, Mind the Gap, Severed, Shelter, Snapshot, Ten Grand, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode

    Yes, I have read far too many comics.
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  4. These really aren't your family friendly, superhero comics. Image publishes really mature comics and doesn't shy away from stuff. I wouldn't begin to know what age to begin to put on them. Most of Image's books are probably 16+ or 17+.
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  5. AWWYISS TWD. Thank you Hylian!
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  6. But Alex + Ada is really cute. You should definitely read that one!
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  7. because he has to put that spoiler to prevent young kids reporting it and the thread getting closed
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  8. By younger members, means those under MA rating.

    And younger people should not take offense, we say it for your well being, not ours.

    Because just like young kids should not play games like GTA5, as there are more adult themed things in there that they should not be exposed to.

    Image, didn't they make Gen13 and stuff like that back in the day...
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  9. Never actually read that, but it looks like it was a Wildstorm thing. And Wildstorm was started by some of the same people who started Image before it was bought by DC. Image has basically become what Vertigo used to be.
  10. Alot of these I have been waiting to read for 2 years. Glad I can finally read them :p
  11. Thanks :)
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  12. Thanks so much! :)
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  13. Oh and Emily Carroll has some short comics on her website that are more dreamy, artsy, poetic. (I like them ^_^)
    Sometimes she signs her work with 'emc' :D
    I used to have links to more online indie comics but I can't find them at the moment. :(
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  14. So, thanks to this, I just finished Bedlam issue #1. Upon the order of my next three volumes of The Walking Dead, i'm so adding the next to issues of Bedlam onto it ._.
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  15. I should probably let you know that Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts) takes over the art after the first story arc, and he isn't nearly as good as Riley Rossmo. Also, the series has stopped coming out on a regular basis (because Nick Spencer, I guess), and that makes me sad.
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  16. Do you know of any other free comics that do not feature blood and gore?
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  17. I read the entire Walking Dead series before HBO released the show. For that reason I refuse to watch the show since I know it cannot stay true to the story (no way the FCC would permit it) and that was one of the greatest stories I have ever read. I even got choked up at the end (manly tears of course)...(like made of beer...and explosions...and cars)
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  18. did i hear FREE :D
  19. No, sorry. Palmsugar might know of some indie stuff.
    This post literally does not make any sense. The show is on AMC, not HBO. But yes, it is terrible. And the series isn't over at all; issue #127 comes out May 14th.
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  20. Ok so A. The series had reached an end point when I read it (after the prison). I am aware that it continued I just never picked it up again. And B. I don't watch any TV so I just assumed HBO would be the network to pick it up since they tend to go for the darker stuff. Hope that clears it up.