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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong play.

    I died in the waste lands a little while ago while mining, this means that I lost all of my stuff as well as well as iron blocks, if you find it tell me and the cords if you want or give it back. You are aloud to take it but I will be gratefully if you returned it.thanks
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  2. You should keep your F3 (debug menu) out next time, so you can see your coordinates when you die :)
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  3. Should anyone look for this, there's 36,864,000,000 blocks to check. Your description doesn't really narrow it down. Answer the following questions to narrow it down to 40,000,000 blocks:

    What level were you on (approximately)?
    What server?
    What outpost?

    In other words, you're best to look for the stuff yourself. There is absolutely no information that would be of any help and would lead to a hopeless search for days on end.

    It would take up to 3,303,225 DAYS to check all spots while walking, if the terrain is flat, which is over 9,000 years.

    Items despawn in 5 minutes.

    Just tell me if you want to see my math. There are actually 37 billion blocks to check
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  4. next time i would suggest to put your expensive items in a enderchest,
  5. Smp 1 waste, level 12,swamp, central outpost, heading east
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  6. I fell in lava
  7. if u fell in llava, it could have burned up,
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  8. The beacon was up, as well with the iron blocks
  9. The beacon was up, as well with the iron blocks
  10. I would certainly like to see your math.
  11. You best start walking. :p
  12. *Ahem* Check your PMs in the forum. Let me know if that helps you. Hope it does. ;)
    Good luck with the recovery mission.

    P.S. Always bring a fire res potion with you, kept in your hotbar!
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  13. That makes me dizzy...:confused: