Free 2014 Labor Bench, just reply!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Quartzic, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. You may not reply more than once to this thread.
    The 50th post will get a 2014 Labor Bench.
    In order for one to win, many must make a sacrifice.

    I'll just be over here feasting on your tears. Good luck.
    If nobody gets 50th post by my IRL birthday, Oct 17th, the contest will be called off.
  2. I'll make the first sacrifice. ;)
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  3. *tears* it'd be a shame if no one gets a free labor bench so I shall make this sacrifice as well
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  4. 4th...unless the op is actually the first post, in which case 5th :)
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  5. For some reason Creed came to mind when I saw this :p
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  6. Sacrifice
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  7. Katniss Everdeen protecting her sister :)
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  8. Sacrifice… the 2015 one is no different
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  9. I really like this Idea!
    Therefor I will help getting this going :)

    EDIT: for a fair play, how can you make sure noone removes their posts?
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  10. But it's the 2014 Version = $$$
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  11. :( I'll make the sacrifice
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  12. Sacrificing~~~~~~
    How many people are actually willing to do this? Lel.
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  13. I got enough promos lol, time to let someone else get a shot at it, good luck guys! :)
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  14. *Sacrifice* Grats to the one who shall be fortunate enough to get 50th position.
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  15. I give myself in sacrifice
    *chops own head off*
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  16. I already have one, so gladly volunteer to help somebody get their first one, maybe! Thanks for a nifty contest. Good luck!
  17. There's a post counter right here.

    Bump. Current count is up to 19, including the original post and this bump. I'm allowed to post multiple times so I can bump it, and they count ;)
  18. *Sacrifice* Early bird may get the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese! ;)