Found some minecraft minis today...

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  1. Aphaea and I went to the store to pick up a headset today, and found some toys.

    Push up contest with a zombie
  2. That snow golem is the cutest thing :p
  3. I know! Aphy totally wanted that one, the horse, and the cat. Unfortunately, we only got the snow golem...

    P.S: Is that Markiplier in your signature?
  4. Yep, sure is :p
  5. That snow golem picture is amazing <3
  6. Yeah there pretty awesome little things, I seen them the other day too in the store so I picked up 2 of them but I wouldn't buy another they're way too over priced :p
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  7. Its pretty cool, but be careful though!

    Don't let that snowman too close to your PC or it might steal an Avalauncher. Then you could be in serious trouble ;)
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  8. Also don't let the snowman near credit cards, straws and/or razors... could get you into some trouble ;)
  9. Those are absolutely adorable! =D However, it must be hard to do push-ups when your head is twice as big as your body. Every time the zombie goes down, wouldn't he mash his face into the floor? =P
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  10. This picture made my day xD thank you :D
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  11. Is there a chicken one?
    If so, I want it :3
  12. That just means he doesn't have as far to go!
  13. I don;t remember, but there was a cat.