Found at krysyy's party 2 days ago

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  1. Lost your promo blade? Get in touch and tell me what it was.

    No takers by 12am 7th June then I will donate it to an event.
  2. Promo blades are soulbound...
  3. Don't make a deadline for that it could get you permanently banned as that is considered stealing you should ask everyone you knew at the party if it is their's not go behind their backs and donate it to an event like that.
  4. I may be wrong, but items are typically dropped at "parties." Someone could have dropped it on purpose.

    There's really no telling who's telling you the truth whether it's theirs or not. You stated that the item was a promo blade, anyone could guess which blade it is and claim it wrongfully theirs.
  5. Freedom Blades are not soulbound. I have 2 so unless they got broken during an emc update, they are not soulbound.

    I've asked f_builder who was looking after lost and found at the event, no one had spoken to him. He then asked in general chat. I've searched the logs of the day for anyone asking for it.

    Thanks for the input mustanglover25 but what you suggest will mean I will probably have it forever. I've asked SS and as far as they are concerned it is mine now.

    The truth is, if you took it into the wild and lost it then that is your bad luck. As krysyy said at the event. I could easily have kept it and had no problems.

    So tell me if it was yours, give me some info about the blade and if it is close enough it is yours. At this stage a good guess would probably get it.
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  6. I can confirm that no-one at the event had said they had lost a promo blade nor came to us and asked if we had one. Also the chance it was dropped on purpose are very low. We were fighting marlix's momentus' and more. 90% of people there died.
  7. I'm thinking it was dropped at the smp6 town party as people were dropping stuff there. It's possible the owner didnt even realise they had it.
  8. It was me, I dropped my ESCD/Turfinator/OtherShovelPromo. [/joke]
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  9. <sends SkyDragon a rrenamed fake ESCD/Turfinator/OtherShovelPromo>
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  10. I didn't lose a Freedom Blade but I lost 3 amazing pickaxes :( if anyone finds eff 5 pickaxes let me know please