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Which one of these do you think would be nice to have?

Tagging Forumers 12 vote(s) 85.7%
Blocking Forumers 9 vote(s) 64.3%
Neither of them! (Please explain why) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. These two suggestions have been on my mind for quite a while, and I don't think anybody has suggested it, so I decided to suggest it now! Anyways, on to the suggestions.

    First suggestion: Tagging players.
    -How this will work: While making a post, people could easily tag a player by typing in their username like so: @Catacacalysm Once tagged, the tagged player will receive an alert saying that they have been tagged in a post. If there are any downsides to this suggestion, please do comment it down below.
    EDIT: To reduce alert spams from tagging, it would be nice to have a "Disable tag alert" option. This would help staff such as Krysyy from getting their alerts filled up even more

    Second suggestion: Blocking players.
    -How this will work: In your profile settings, there is an option in which you could choose if you want people only you follow to view your profile or not. Am I suggesting we remove this feature? No. Rather, upgrade this a bit. You can type the IGN(In Game Name) of the player that you don't want to see your profile. I don't see any downsides to this as you can already block a majority of people, but of course, feel free to comment anything that would make this a bad addition.
  2. Tagging is cool. This has been used in a lot of social media applications. I would love this to be added.
  3. I agree with 8808
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  4. Tagging is actually a feature of Xenforo... *Hint hint*
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  5. To be honest, I did get the tagging idea from other forum sites :p
  6. Added an edit to the tagging system!
  7. +1 Both of these need to be added, soon.
  8. Hmm... the tagging does seem like an interesting idea that will cause few (if any) negative repercussions. That has my support. :)
  9. True that, however a later version. I've used it quite a few times on some other forums myself, and it is very useful.

    So I think that this is most likely coming into effect if (when?) the forum software gets updated. I think an update would be a requirement either way, because some players have names which aren't very easily typed out.
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  10. Both features already exist in newer versions of Xenforo.
  11. Maybe we should not go to a newer version of Xenforo... it may be configurable, but there are many new buttons, and many of them are completely useless.
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  12. Who said you have to use them all?
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  13. It'd be hell of a lot better. Many improvements in the background in regards to performance and security. EMC should really considering upgrading when possible.
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  14. I like this. +1. Having the options hurts nothing and benefits those that want to use it.
  15. Yeah.. Aikar said he's up for it once he gets all the major in game stuff out of the way, because it'd take a lot of time to recreate all of our custom modifications to the current XenForo that we are using. But it is outdated, lacks lots of features, and needs upgrading. It'll happen eventually.
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  16. Please, God, no tagging. Blocking yes please. If tagging is a thing then blocking will be necessary or the population on this website will plummet really quickly...

    Ok so after reading the responses I guess I'm alone in seeing what seems obvious. Tagging is just another annoying way to get spammed by some of our most favorite members. If you want to tag someone now you can, it just won't give them an alert and if you really want them to see it you can send them a pm with the link. I just messaged budha a link last night through text messaging. That "pinging" people would be so much easier just seems a recipe for disaster. I don't mind being bugged most of the time but I'm not going to bother being bugged ALL the time about stuff that I either do not care about or am annoyed by.

    Wow, even my girlfriend has been put on "moderated wall posts" thingy for facebook because of the ridiculous stuff she tags me in. Suggestion here: lets make the forums facebook, just with teenagers(if that) This just sounds so painful.
  17. EMC must be really fragile if tagging is going to take it down.
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  18. Sorry, but how exactly will tagging take it down? I already suggested to add an option in which we can disable or enable alerts from being tagged if that's what worries you
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  19. I see where you both completely ignored "then" in your quotes. Also I edited

    Edit: Also didn't say that emc would be effected, said the website. Really the websites usefulness now is mostly for flame wars and game updates. The events and auctions I suppose but that doesn't keep people engaged in conversations, of which there are seemingly few beyond said flame wars.
  20. I know all about the current site situation. JustinGuy didn't plan on Xenforo updating.

    It can be easily turned off through the Alerts section of the settings area.
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