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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by mayorprofessor, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. So the point of this thread is to fire the person from the company for any random reason.
    You can not fire yourself.
    I can not be fired as I own the company.
    The first reply has to say: I am the first person to join.
    After that, anyone can join at any time by firing the person whose post is above theirs

    EDIT: If I post a reply firing someone, the person who posts next also has to fire that same person that I fire

    EDIT #2: You may NOT try to take over as 2nd in command. I am the "dictator" of the company. NO ONE IS SECOND IN COMMAND. I HAVE SUPREME POWER
  2. I am the first person to join
  3. And you're fired for being the first person.
  4. Your fired for... Being a mummy guy!
  5. your fired for.... firing others!
  6. You're fired for firing SirZomb and false advertisement about having WIFI in your van.
  7. your fired for not believing in me!
  8. you are fired for eating potatos in the month april!
  9. You are fired for (a) not capitalizing the first letter of the sentence, (b) not capitalizing April, and (c) you forgot the word of between month and April. Thumbs up for grammar! :p
  10. You're fired because I felt like it.
  11. Your fired for not being more specific in why you attempted to fire me earlier.
  12. You're fired for playing minecraft at work :p
  13. You're fired because Its costing me all me money! Argh argh argh argh argh
  14. your fired for being a gold supporter
  15. You're fired for using the wrong you're. And yes, I did that too earlier, but nobody commented on it, so ha!
  16. You are fired for opening the second Gondolian bar!
  17. Your fired for not taking over Germany and England!
  18. You're fired for the incorrect usage of "your".
  19. You're banned for being a Toaster! A SparerToaster!
  20. illegal. you have to fire the person, not ban them
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.