[Forum Game] You're fired for... (Version 2.0)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by mayorprofessor, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Updated version of my old thread.

    Our company is facing bankruptcy. As a result, we need to fire some people. Actually, we need to fire almost everyone. I don't care what your excuse for firing someone is, just do it so I don't lose money.

    2 simple rules. Just 2

    1. No firing yourself. It gets too out of hand.
    2. or B. I am the only exception to the rules.

    Don't blink. Whatever you do, just Don't Blink. Blink and you're dead. They're faster than you could ever imagine. Don't turn your back, Don't look away, and Don't Blink. Good luck...
  2. You're welcome for bumping your old thread.

    Fired for making a new thread.
  3. Hammer of Firing fires you for burning down the old building
  4. You're fired for using your Hammer of Firing.

    Are the Weeping Angels here?
  5. No the weeping angels are not here, and you are now fired for noticing my reference.
  6. Your fired for having goals in your signature.
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  7. You're fired for NOT having goals in yours
  8. You are fired for not putting a period at the end of your sentence.
  9. You're fired for using a period
  10. You're fired for not having a signature.

    I think there should be a Doctor Who fan club or something like that on EMC.
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  11. We really should have a doctor who fan club.
    Also, you're fired for suggesting one
  12. You're fired for denying the suggestion, I like it a lot.
  13. you're fired for creeping me out with your sig
    oh and you win for having the best post
    edit: moderation approval thing got me skipped :(
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  14. You're fired because you though I denied the suggestion, when I was actually supporting it
  15. You're fired because you misspelled "thought"; you omitted the final "t".
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  16. You're fired because you kept spending our company money on Hot Dogs.
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  17. Fired for confusing me.
  18. You are fired for being confusable.
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  19. @fireshadow52 You're fired for having a pixelated profile picture. Who knows, what if this was Japan?? Who knows what could be under there??!?!
  20. It is his skin head in game. >.>

    You are fired for not paying attention to the window that comes up when you select an avatar.