[Forum Game] Whats yous Hobbies?

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I thought this would be cool to have a Thread to see the Different Hobbies that people have in EMC. In this thread its very simple, You just say what your Hobbies are, and explain what you do.

    -Do not be Rude to others
    -Only Hobbies that are Rated "PG"
    -Atleast one Hobbie
    -Stay On Topic

    Here is a example of my Hobbie,

    I have several hobbies, Some that i do every day, some that i used to do, and some that i do rare. Some that i used to have is I used to build lego's, Made them every day to the point where i have a city. I also have some hobbies that I have but not done for a while, I collect Model G-Scale Trains, I had a collection and had then setup around my house, and outside. I no longer have the time, but i still have them. Then i have the Hobbies that are every day. The include Playing games and Programming, I spend time on xbox playing games and role playing on games like GTA. I also lovw to build and exlpore on emc.

    Thats an example of my Hobbie, yours does not have to be as long, but can be.

    So lets give this a try, would be nice to see the different hobbies.

    Good Luck,
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  2. Where did you reserve that post for?
  3. Hey finch,
    I don't have many hobbies really but when i have some spare time i love to go out cycling, I've been on a mountain bike since i can remember and it's just something that clams me down i guess, it takes me away from the world and puts me in my own mind set for the time I'm sitting on my bike. I know all this might sound a little weird to some of you but hey we all have our different hobbies don't we. Another thing i love to do when the weather is sucky (Yeah i live in england so it's always bad :p) is get on my xbox for a few hours and play some GTA V or minecraft/BO2/Ghosts etc. My gamer tag is 'Shrinkingmatt' If anyone loves xbox like me just send me a friend request stating you're minecraft name :p (talking about xbox360) I'm mad into gaming as a lot of people know and I'd be happy to talk about anything anyone wants to tlak about :D My last hobbie is Airfix :) i have a little too kuch patience in my opinion haha.
    If anyone has any questions about my hobbies feel free to ask and thanks for this thread :D

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  4. I really enjoy learning things about world war 2, video games and golf :)
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  5. 1. Play drums
    2. Play video games
    3. Go to shooting competitions
    4. Buy and collect knifes, and bottles
    5. Build stuff with Lego
    6. Read books, mostly history and more history
    7. Watch YouTube
    8. Buy WW2 stuff, and WW2 guns.
    9. Drink Terere in my hammock
    10. Go to my ranch and take some photos of the view
    11. Comment in random and interesting threads in the forums
    12. Learn and cook new types of food
  6. I enjoy playing with chinchillas, kissing my babearino, knitting, cross stitching, needle point, loom stitching, baking, finding cats at the park, ruining gold economey, and kissing my babearino.
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  7. A few things.

    • Politics, economics, anti-sectarianism in Northern Ireland, constitutional reform and wealth rebalancing in the UK, European and world federalism, and whatnot. I'm actually now my political party's representative for my home town :)
    • Hip-hop. Top rappers:
      1. Eminem
      2. Biggie
      3. Nas
      4. Tupac
      5. Ice Cube
      6. Dr. Dre
      7. Snoop Dogg
      8. Jay-Z
      9. Eazy-E
      10. Kendrick Lamar
      11. 50 Cent
      12. Professor Green
      13. They're difficult to order, aren't they....
    • Minecraft and GTA Online.
    • Redditing. Such a drain, haha...
    • Occasionally: writing. I was like 10 or 15 full A4 pages, both sides, into a fantasy novel around summer, then just lost motivation to continue, that and the rap career had to go due to the politicking and representation work. There was also that 'book' I self-published during my militant atheist phase. We don't talk about that.
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  8. This is why i life xD omg dude! That last bit made my day. GG you win
  9. Hm...
    I like writing, because I like telling people things.
    I like science and stuff, especially physics, but also chemistry and psychology. I love watching channels like The Game Theorists and Vsauce. Just interesting things like that.
    I like being on the forums here, with my friends.
    I like being with my friends, both in-game and in real life.
    I regularly upload videos to YouTube, I love it.
    I like to play video games, obviously. The companies I enjoy the games the most of are Nitrome, Nintendo and Mojang.
    I like programming.
    I like composing music in GarageBand or MuseScore.
    If I have extra time, I like projects that involve making things in other games. For example hacks for a Nintendo game, custom tracks for a racing game and self-made levels in a Flash game with a level editor.
    I like listening to music.
    I like watching people play games (YouTube, Twitch.tv)

    I like playing the piano.
    I think that's enough for now :rolleyes:
    I'm sorry for saying "I like" too many times.


  10. I enjoy rollerblading and biking, rollerblading more so. Videogame-wise, I enjoy Pokemon, Minecraft, an app called Puzzle and Dragons, Clash of Clans, and various other games. I enjoy reading, especially fantasy. Good book series I have read include Eragon/Inheritance, Ranger's Apprentice, Percy Jackson series 1 and 2, Kane Chronicles, Riyria Revelations, Dragons in our Midst and the two subsequent series, and others. Lego is fun. Games that are not electronic that I enjoy would include Smash Up, Rook, Pit, Scrabble to some degree, Dutch Blitz, and Mille Bourne.
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  11. monster_
  12. I like baseball, video games and hanging out with my mates
  13. I know what you mean, In the summer and sometimes in the winter, i go on my atv and go deep into the forest, and sit there. I also find that tearing through the trails releases a ton of stress i have on me. sitting out there puts me on ease.

    I have xbox live, I have 360 problems, so i will mainly be on xbox one now, but anyway, i reall have only one game haha (GTA V). Xbox 360 has around 50 Games. My Gamertag is "finch rocks" and my Modding Gamertag on there ran out of live, but just for the laugh "Google Support", but finch is my account i am always on, its online most of the day, either watching a movie ot gaming.

    I reserved it, for if i need it in the Future :D.
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  14. I like:
    1. Playing Emc
    2. Playing League of Legends (acc. Duke Adam)
    3. Watching anime(currently Fairy Tail, but cant find any more subbed episodes)
    4. Reading Books
    5. Not doing homework
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  15. Yeah, I figured you meant monster_ :p, but what does babearino mean? Did you make it up yourself or is it an existing word in some language or slang?
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  16. babe-a-rino
    Does that help you?
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  17. Um, no, not much :p A bit though.
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  18. Playing in EMC is my biggest hobby right now but besides that,
    I like...

    1. Drawing
    2. Sewing
    3. Cosplay
    4. accessory making
    5. knitting

    I don't do any of above these days because all the time I spend is for Minecraft!!
    I think I should go back to my hobby world... no? :D
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  19. I play games and draw (if you couldn't guess :p)
    I write a bit, and read a little too many books.... I sometimes sing, but only when I'm alone haha
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