[Forum Game] The ^ > v Game

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  1. This game is one I placed back on the ancient Yahoo Clubs message boards and was a right blast at times.

    Game Example
    ^ A statement about the person whom posted before you
    > A statement about yourself
    v A statement about the person that is going to post

    Do try not to edit your replies, be mindful of sensitive topics, and more importantly, have fun!

    ^ no one posted about me. . .
    > am fairly certain this is going to end well
    v has no idea what they just got themselves into
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  2. ^ Posted this thread
    >Posted on this thread
    v Just posted on this thread
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  3. ^ Posted something very generic

    > liked the first post

    V is a nub.
  4. ^ Posted something odd

    >I am a Goblin/Phoenix call a Tah.

    V, Will be a Tah
  5. ^ Has problems classifying species

    } Doesn't have the right keys to make arrows in every direction

    v Loves looking at pictures of kitties
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  6. ^ Is on caffeine
    > Loves looking at pictures of red foxes
    v Probably got ninja'd.
  7. ^ Is very sleepy
    > Going to bed soon
    v Should eat bacon now.
  8. ^ Has 456 posts
    < Has no english tomorrow :D
    v Is post number 9 in this thread
  9. ^ love birds (and study halls)
    < loves birds
    v loves birds
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  10. ^ is a nub
    < is an amazing builder
    v is going to give me all his/hers promos
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  11. ^Is totally wrong and needs to know what true piratism is
    <That smirk tho
    v Is going to meow the crap out of us
  12. ^Is a nub
    v Likes cheese
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  13. ^With a slice of ham
    < That smirk tho
    v Destroys us all!
  14. ^ Has a smirk
    < Destroyed everyone
    v Will most probably be captain_foxy or one of his alts
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  15. ^ Needs to understand I'm watching
    < ITS ME
    v Needs to help the trend
  16. ^ understands how dangerous megadeuces can be
    > is still waiting for Roger Smith to remember his past
    v has no clue was just happened
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  17. ^ Probably ninja'd me.
    </> Is confused about which arrow to use.
    v Didn't spend as much time as I did deciding on what to put here.
  18. ^ needs to use <
    < has hit 2k posts
    v Plays EMC
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  19. ^ also plays EMC
    > wonders if the novelty of this thread has died
    v has all of the answers but none of the questions
  20. ^ has introduced an interesting forum game
    < is looking forward to Piwi day
    v is between 8 and 70 years old