[ Forum Game ] The Legacies of Earth

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  1. ~Prologue~
    It's been a long, long journey... Shuttling through outer space, waiting and listening for a sign, a sign saying it's okay to return. But, no one lives there anymore, after all the corruptness that thrived there, and technology advancing farther by coding themselves... It was the only thing to do... The Planet Earth has been destroyed, mined and drained of all it's inhabitants and resources. You are one of the last survivors of the human race. Drifting endlessly through space, waiting... and listening...

    After a very long time, like your five great grandfather said, you have finally reached a new home. A new Planet for you to conquer, rule and live upon. Will you make the same mistakes? Or will you thrive and prosper in the rejoice of Earth's legacy?

    ???: Code: Alpha Beta. Mission Report, come in Central.
    Central: Central 5 Speaking, We hear you loud and clear! Over.
    ???: We've... Found our brothers.
    Central: Private, explain.
    ???: It's... the legacy of Earth.
    We've finally found other survivors, all of them from different places that were on Earth.
    Central: Well finally! I knew we weren't alone!
    ???: This also means other things Central....
    ~Application and an Explaination~
    You are the Legacies of Earth, survived the destruction of the human race, and now control your own planet. Will history repeat itself? Or will it be recreated? The choice is yours.

    This is the application form. It must be filled out.
    Planet Name:
    Planet Orientation: (Robotics, Magic, Organic, Studious, Expansion)
    Planet Relationship: (Hostile, Neutral, Peaceful)
    Planet Number:
    Origins: (Country on Earth)
    Other Notes: and Bio: (No OP stuff)

    Planet Name: Pan
    Planet Orientation: (Robotics, Magic, Organic, Studious, Expansion) Magic/Robotic
    Planet Relationship: (Hostile, Neutral, Peaceful) Peaceful
    Planet Number: #1
    Origins: (Country on Earth) Greece
    Other Notes and Bio: (No OP stuff) Pan is a lovely Planet that is similar to Earth before it was over run. It is full of wild life and water, and the humans occupied on it find new ways to use technology and search the cosmos. Also Magic is useful to them, as it shows how separated humans have... evolved.
    (this is my planet o3o)


    -No Anti-Matter/Other Ultra-Destructive material.
    -No destroying someone's planet unless the War has been announced publically by brickstrike or princebee.
    -No God-Mode
    -No Invisibility
    -No using Alt's to claim more planets.
    -Use common sense. you know what's cheap and what's not.
    -You must alert princebee & Brickstrike about any secret projects.
    -We have the right to add new rules when we see fit
    -Me and Princebee are the exception to the rules (what we say goes)
    If you have not described your solar system, NEW PLANETS CAN AND WILL BE IN YOUR SYSTEM*
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  2. I will participate, let me read it all first :D
    Planet Name: Teptro
    Planet Orientation: (Robotics, Magic, Organic, Studious, Expansion): Robotics
    Planet Relationship: (Hostile, Neutral, Peaceful): Peaceful
    Planet Number: 4
    Origins: (Country on Earth) USA North America
    Other Notes: and Bio: (No OP stuff) Laser beams that annihilate ANYTHING With the use of robotics, we have a terrific transportation system.
  3. Welcome to the family game. :p
    Pan sends an alliance to Teptro.
    Also, studies are being done in our (Pan's) Solar System. Information will be sent out shortly after calculated.
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  4. Planet Name: Spud
    Planet Orientation: Organics
    Planet Relationship: Neutral
    Planet Number: 7
    Origins: Korea
    Other Notes: and Bio: Before the collapse of Earth, North Korea and South Korea signed a treaty, thus creating The Republic of Korea. (Dunno, this seemed as if it would allow more creativity,) The uniting allowed for a new era of technology, and soon enough, potatoes became a stable food source, and a prime generator of electricity. Then there were more.. Dangerous inventions involving potatoes.

    (So what exactly is our purpose in this forum game?)
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  5. Teptro receives the message.
    We accept your invitation to an alliance.


    With Teptro now aware of the new planets, Teptrons (my people) begin to research and develop defense systems if there ever comes a time that we need to defend ourselves.
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  6. (See how history plays out. Will wars occur, or will it be peaceful? Depends on you.)
    Accepted :D
    If I don't post saying you are accepted, just assume that you have ;)

    Pan relays Solar System information.
    (In order of Orbits)
    1. Rigel, the center of the system ( the star :p)
    2. ???
    3. Pan
    4. ???
    5. ???

    2, 4, and 5 are all "rocky" planets, and no other planets are in the system. Names will be given to the other planets as time passes.

    Also Pan asks for an alliance with Spud.
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  7. Do we also have different Solar Systems and/or galaxies?
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  8. Different Solar Systems Yes, Galaxies no.
    This is all in the Milky Way Galaxy currently* ;3
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  9. So (if I can) I currently life in the Dobtris Solar System. I am the 4th planet from the sun. Here is the Solar System.
    Sun: Yiflo
    1 ????
    2 ????
    3 ????
    4 Teptro
    5 ????

    If you are wondering how I get these names, I just put random letters together.
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  10. :D

    It is with our greatest displeasure that we deny your alliance request, Pan. However, I hope this will not affect future possibilities of tradings.


    Project : UNITY

    (So I assume that other planets aren't supposed to know about this in roleplay fashion, unless they specifically research something to say spy on another planet, correct?)
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  11. Planet Name: SuchChicken
    Planet Orientation: (Robotics, Magic, Organic, Studious, Expansion) Farming
    Planet Relationship: (Hostile, Neutral, Peaceful) neutral
    Planet Number: C41CK3N
    Origins: (Country on Earth) Tuvalu
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  12. We intercept a mysterious "internet" source and find a thread on a strange "website". We find your plans and stuff. Mmkay?

    Teptro copyrights the Internet, Computer, Website and such.

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  13. Chicken asks an alliance. We give chicken, you give land to grow crops.
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  14. (you may)
    You should make them all end in o and the last one end in z. no one likes z.
    Anyways, Pan starts to look at moons and such in the Rigel System. Pan has two moons, Artemis and Selene.
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  15. Teptro receives the message and replies.
    We accept your alliance. Please send us information of this "Chicken" and we we will work something out.
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  16. Oh right, a question. Any intervals between researching? Should we wait 10 minutes after a research, to research again?
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  17. >.> I suppose, but if it is not in a spoiler than it is publically known. :p
  18. Keeping that weird chicken planet farming request in mind, Teptro postpones the development of defense and starts developing the Space Traveler 1.0 to explore other planets in the search of resources.
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  19. Sorry for double post, but I think I'll be fine :p *hopes no one reports post D:*
    Yes. There is intervals between posting. I usually try 3 or 4 posts for most and if it needs to be changed, I will over rule it ;)