[FORUM GAME] The Association Thread

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  1. I feel like some people are forgetting to write metaassociations in a different colour. It does not suffice to write them in parentheses.

    Birthday anniversary
  2. Anniversaire

    Birthday in French
  3. Dance to the Music (Three Dog Night)
  4. Funk style music
  5. Learn To Fly 2
  6. One Piece

    The specific jump from the opening got tied to flight, no clue why.
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  7. Swimwear
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  8. Beach volley ball

    I think that happened because I was just looking at the Pou soundtrack, and the bottom video of it was Beach volley. :P Hm... I don't think we ever associated to Pou! Wouldn't be likely to happen here, either. :P
  9. Bloody nose

    Sorry, but I used to play beach volley ball every week. One time I spiked it and hit someone in the nose with the ball. Strange how thoughts like that stick around for over 30 years.
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  10. gauze

    First-aid tool used to seal wound
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    A line said by Dallas from video game "Payday 2"
    It's been meme'd real hard.
    The first-aid connection makes sense to me
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  12. Ambulance
    A vehicle used to transport patient
  13. Speed

    They have to drive fast
  14. Keanu Reeves (Actor in the Movie, Speed)
  15. People that the Internet love
  16. Cats

    Do I need to explain myself?
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  17. Felis Catus
    Cat's Binomial name
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