[FORUM GAME} Ten Million Souls

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    December 3, 2013: Project Varien is commenced
    July 27, 2014: Varien has first successful live test in San Diego

    August 13, 2014: Varien relocated to New York
    February 23, 2015: Red Brigade formed

    May 2, 2015: Human Tests approved
    March 25, 2016: Human Trials concluded

    September 14, 2017: Trial data conclusive. Mortality Rate: 75% Infection Rate: 100%
    August 4, 2018: First mutations appear in test subject

    December 25, 2018: Subject 000GF56 Escapes
    January 2, 2019: Secret Man-Hunt is started in New York

    January 5, 2019: New York Quarantine is ordered
    January 6, 2019: Population Infection Level: 45%

    January 8, 2019: Population Infection Level 85%
    January 11, 2019: Population Infection Level 100%

    January 27, 2019: Loss of Life 75%. 7.5 Million People.
    February 30, 2019: New Mutations appearing

    March 17, 2019: Red Brigade sent in to control population and exterminate Infected
    April 3, 2019: Red Brigade encounters first Mutant

    June 19, 2019: Red Brigade sets up Refugee Camps
    September 2, 2019: Ten Million Souls Begins


    1) No God-Modding
    2) My say is final
    3) You may be removed (killed) if I see it will benefit the story line
    4) When you die that's it! You must restart with a new character
    5) Mutants cannot be influenced by Revenants (Yet)
    6) Infected may not be influenced by Revenants (Yet)
    7) You are not allowed to kill another player's Revanant without permission
    8) You are not allowed to name your character: Subject 000GF56
    9) Please keep everything PG-13

    10) No leaving New York. The entire game will take place inside of the New York.
    11) You must be human


    (More will be added)

    Infected: Your common person infected. Basically act like a "Walker" from the
    seventh season of the popular show "The Walking Dead"

    Brute: A vicious, brutal killing machine. Known for large claws. More than likely comes
    from infected bears and/or dogs.

    Blade: An incredibly fast mutant who has blades on its arms. Extremely lethal.

    Sproven: A small infected spider that travels in packs of hundreds. Shoots
    acid at its foes to incapacitate them, then it feasts.

    Revanant Abilities

    (These are just sections use your imagination for specifics)

    Manipulation of the Body
    I.E. Mr. Fantastic

    Manipulation of the Elements

    Manipulation of Matter
    I.E. being able to bend metal




    I.E. Invisibility Cloak for Harry Potter


    I.E. Like a Chameleon

    I.E. Absorbing a person and their conciseness (This includes mutants abilities temporarily)




    Manipulation of Lesser Minds
    I.E. Control small animals and weak minded people

    (If you can think of another, let me know and it will be added!)

    Character Application

    Assigned ID (IE: 4565-AG3):
    Appearance (A picture may suffice):
    Starting Location:
  2. Name: 911-IAA
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Former Phycologyst, was the 3rd one to get tested in the lab.
    Appearance: Clothed, Walker, Extremely Pale Skin
    Power: Telepathy
    Starting Location: Times Square, New York
  3. Name: 757-LIT
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Appearance (A picture may suffice):
    Power: Manipulation of Matter
    Starting Location: Boston, Massachusetts

    Kinda need some more explanation.. I saw the interest check of this earlier.. Can I read that?
  4. I did explain badly for how to choose your powers. Pick an overall section and then explain on what you can do.
    Manipulation of Matter: Can slam hands on the ground to crest a wave of spikes
    Manipulation of Self: (No one may use this one for reasons that will be shown later) Can have his body fracture into hundreds if pieces. Then control said pieces while fractured.
    Manipulation of the Elements: Can shoot fireballs from his hand.
  5. You may never go outside of New York ( my bad for it not being in the rules. Will fix it when I get to a desktop.)
    Your range cannot be that large to start with. Maybe around 100ft for now.
    You are human just an experiment gone wrong (again my bad for the lack of rules on this.)
  6. ok. i was an engineer in a particle accelerator when i was captured and placed inside said accelerator, turning me into 923-aca
  7. Name: 757-LIT
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Bio: He came from a normal family, his mom and dad died when he was young, and his sister abandoned him later. He went to the orphanage, and went with his aunt. Than, he moved out, got a job, and lived a normal life. Later however, people took him, and they went to this.... Testing lab... He was seeing what they were doing, and managed to escape. But not before they managed to... Do something to him.. Now, in January, 2019, he sees infected popping up, and he somehow has this odd power....
    Appearance (A picture may suffice): Different sizes of clothing, with boots and flat hair.
    Power: Manipulation of Matter. When hitting any solid object, everything in a small circle around the punching point will begin to shake. Tripping infected and making objects fall.
    Starting Location: New York, in the Empire State Building.

    (Does this work?)
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  8. 911-IAA read the committee's general's mind. They are working on building a wave gun (does not know what it does) in Buffalo, New York.
  9. Name: 311-D
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Former scientist and outdooorsman, was the 10th to be tested
    Appearance (A picture may suffice): Tall, muscular, lean, chiseled in face, dark green eyes, a small, blonde, scraggly beard
    Power: (Not sure if more than one is allowed) Speed, Strength
    Starting Location: Brooklyn
  10. All are accepted, but I have to make one change to the App, which will be easy to do for you guys.
  11. (The following are for characters controlled by me, so rule bending will be seen)
    Name: Unknown
    Assigned ID (IE: 4565-AG3): Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Appearance (A picture may suffice): No Picture Available
    Power: Genius with small abilities of telepathy
    Starting Location: Unknown

    Name: Brian Calthor
    Assigned ID (IE: 4565-AG3): 787H-NN2
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Former construction worker, turned to mercenary when infected
    Appearance (A picture may suffice):
    Power: Strength
    Starting Location: Unknown
  12. If I never said, begin! Let us begin!
  13. OK! aca-923 takes control of a predator drone to spy on congress

  14. Also under the new app format you need to pick a name :)
  15. 757-LIT starts to hear this strange buzzing in his ear. It seems to be emanating from the street.
  16. My name is then, POTATO FRY!

    Curious of the sound, potato cautiously peeks out a broken window....
  17. 311-D hears strange flapping noises in the apartment building next to him.
  18. ((Name)) The building begins to shake by the noises in the opposite room.
  19. no Achilles heel? darn