[Forum Game] SMP World War v1.5

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Frontier or Wastelands?

Frontier 11 vote(s) 68.8%
Wastelands 5 vote(s) 31.3%

  1. This game only involves numbers and basic math. :D :) :p No nukes or rifles involved. ;)

    Achieve a total of 10 or -10 points for your survival minecraft player server.
    Sounds simple, but lets see who will get there first. Once a smp server reaches to 10, the game will reset and it will begin at 0.

    If you are a...
    SMP1 supporter- add or subtract 30 points. (Sounds OP, but its not. ;))
    SMP2 supporter- subtract 2 points.
    SMP3 supporter- skips to the next odd or even number.
    SMP4 supporter- divide the current number by 2, if the quotient is a decimal, reset to 0.
    SMP5 supporter- add or subtract 2 points.
    SMP6 supporter- multiply the number by 2.
    SMP7 supporter- flip the current number's sign. (-1=+1) OR add or subtract 2 points.
    SMP8 supporter- add 1 point. (I know most of the forums is smp8 ;))
    SMP9 supporter- subtract 1 point.

    Where's utopia?
    Utopia is mainly only accessible to supporters, so its not included.

    The person above you will have a number and you will have to show your support and change it.
    Sample Game for those who are confused.
    Player A-(Smp2 supporter) -2
    Player B-(smp8 supporter) -2+1=-1
    Player C-(smp8 supporter) -1+1=0
    Player D-(smp5 supporter) 0+2=+2
    Player A- -1-2=-3
    Player E-(smp6 supporter) -3x2=-6
    Player F-(smp7 supporter) -6=flip=+6
    And so on... until a SMP gets 10/-10 points. :)

    Please include in your post:
    The SMP you are supporting, so I can keep track.
    The above player's number.
    Your server's number effect. Read above for the list.
    Final number, this is what the player underneath you will use.

    Please wait until 3 other players have posted.
    NO Alts plz.
    Supporting other smps each time you play is allowed. :) Spread the love.
    Good Luck!
    SMP winners so far:
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  2. I guess I'm starting...
    (smp8 supporter) 0+1=1
  3. Smp8 supporter
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  4. Smp8 rules! So +1 to make it 3.
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  5. Smp2 all day boi :p
    3 - 2 = 1
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  6. No Utopia players?
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  7. Utopia isn't accessible to everyone, so I didn't include it. :p
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  8. Smp7 member didn't see that happening?
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  9. Smp3 rules now.
    -1 -> -3
  10. smp8 will make this game 1 point longer.
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  11. Aaaand its gone (smp1 ftw)
    2 --> 0 <3
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  12. Next time, plz make sure you put the smp you are supporting. This way, I can double check all of your math. ;)
  13. 1 -2 = -1
    SMP2 for days! \o/
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  14. SMP4 Lyfe
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  15. Smp1 <3

    -0.5 * 0 = 0 :p
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  16. I cant reverse a zero :p
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