[Forum Game]Post your First Conversation from Inbox

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Good Idea

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  1. As the title says go through the hundreds(Maybe Thousands) worth of Inbox messages and see what was the first one you have ever posted.

    Heres mine :D


    I never filled those chests again btw =P
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  2. Do we have to make it?
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  3. Well if I am going to post my first msg from 2011-2012 I wont be able to log in to the forums again, by shame... Just a hint, I didnt have the best English :)

    Edit: And I still dont have really good English. Then think what I had for some years ago :)
  4. The first I made.
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  5. Do the first on this account??
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  6. Oh god.
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  7. I was only a week old and had no idea what I was talking about...
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  8. Me: Hello Icecreamcow,
    I am going on vacation at the beginning of august and I do not know when I will get back. I will try to get internet, but if I can't please don't delete my res.


    ICC: Are you going to still have an active diamond supporter? [I was diamond at the time.]

    Me: Do I have to keep buying it? Because I thought it was automatically charged to your card. But, I do wish to continue being a diamond supporter.

    ICC: It is setup for monthly. It usually takes out on the same day each month (every 30 days). If you are going to be an active supporter during the time you're gone, the derelict protection policy doesn't apply to supporters. :)

    Me: Thanks, I'm going to continue being a supporter

    I was a noob. Yes, I did ask for derelict protection when I was a supporter.
  9. From FistjugBurgerz
    Sorry I haven't been on for a while, next opportunity to do anything is tomorrow. I'm also thinking of changing something up, how about 3k per day? Nothing additional, just cold hard cash. I will be one by around 9 tomorrow and will probs be available to work for about 90-100 minutes on the res. Hopefully I will see you there!
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  10. This could now get real interesting real fast i enjoy reading all these makes me feel not a stupid =P Hey if someone replies to this message maybe i will tell you what my FIRST post was about in greater detail :D
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  11. Shamefully, the oldest Conversation I have is appealing my ban, and I can see my immaturity shining through in every sentence.
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  12. yes guys, I was the one who made lotteries illegal with a math mistake :(
  13. I'm kind of embarrassed by this one. Too happy-go-lucky ;-;

    PinkCaker_Senpai: hello krysyyjane if you can answer a question from me i would be very grateful
    As you know many people apply to be staff but who picks them and how do you know if you are chosen or not if you can answer this as i said i shall be very grateful :3 :p

    Krysyy: The admin team selects staff members and they are approved by the senior staff team.

    You will only get a message if you are chosen and you might be passed up one time, then get it the next time around. It depends on if we think you are mod quality at that given time. Sometimes, it takes a bit more maturing, etc than right this second and we take notice.

    PinkCaker_Senpai: ok thank you kry for answering my question :D

    ;-; Happy-go-lucky

  14. Bump hilarious guys keep it up who knows maybe we can really make this a top grossing forum thread game?
  15. Apologies for bumping this, but, it seemed like a fun forum game.

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  16. Lol I love the resurrection of an old thread :D
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  17. I was 11.

    I am now 17 years of age and 18 in 5 months.

    I cringe.
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