[Forum Game] No it's not!

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by zervados, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. How to play
    Respond to the post before you saying that what they said is something else.

    Person 1: Look, it's a bird!
    Person B: Actually, that's a plane!
    Person III: No, it's not! It is a bomb.
    Person 4: Nope, that is just a clock

    • Keep your posts spread 2 people apart
    • Ninjas shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just go with the last post made.
    I'll start it:
    OMG, it's a T-Rex!
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  2. No, it's A giant goo monster!

    Already starting out weird. :p
  3. No it's not, it's a slime.
  4. Nope, that gotta be RainbowChin
  5. No, it's a magical pony! :eek:
  6. That...That's a floating sticky piston.
  7. No, I'm sure it's a normal piston.
  8. its not a piston, its a redstone block
  9. It's not a redstone block, it's redstone dust.
  10. That's not redstone dust, it's red wool!
  11. Thats not red wool! its ink cartridge man!
  12. That's not an ink cartridge, that's an aubergine!
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  13. I have no idea what a aubergine is... and that doesn't matter because its a pineapple!
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  14. Apparently rainbowchin is easily confused with this

  15. An aubergine is an eggplant (Apparently )
    It's not a pineapple! It's a shyguy mask!
  16. It's not a shyguy mask, it's a Birdo egg
  17. An eggplant is an aubergine. Aubergine is the English way of saying it, the original.
    No, it's a Yoshi egg!
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  18. It's not a Yoshi egg, it's a Dragon egg!
  19. It's not a dragon egg, it's a Hennessey Venom GT!
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  20. It's not a Dragon egg, it's Dragon Poop!