[Forum Game] May the 4orce be with you...

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Star Wars?

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  1. EnderMagic1 presents.. the 2nd annual....
    May the 4orce be with you!
    This forum game is for celebrating May the 4th, Star Wars Day!
    WHAT? But, it's only April!
    I am "releasing" this game early, so everyone has a chance to play, last time, I released this game too late. EXCLUSIVE TO APRIL ONLY!- closes on May 4th.

    How to play-
    Look at the word above your post. Find the last letter. Then, say a ship, weapon, item, character, planet, etc, that begins with that letter and relates to Star Wars. You can also use other Star Wars sources, like the Clone Wars or comics. Also, post a picture of your item if you want! ;) If the last character is a number, then you can start with any letter that you want.
    Try not to repeat the same item/character.
    PlayerA- Lightsaber
    PlayerB- R2-D2
    PlayerC- X-Wing
    PlayerD- Gandalf Genosis
    Other Rules-
    Save these for later... ;) T O E L

    Want to see last years? Click Here
    Have Fun! :)
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  2. I guess I'll start
    Spock. Wait, no, that's harry potter.
    Erm. Dead Mau5, wait, no. Darth Mau5.

    Darth Maul?
  3. Luke Skywalker?
  4. Anakin Skywalker
  5. May the 4th - the day I waste 12 hours on Star Wars Battlefront II when my GCSEs start the day before so I should really be focusing on them but whatever.

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  6. Admiral Gial (I think it's Gial. I'm too lazy to google it and check) Ackbar!

    Suggestion : Stop posts of the same character stop from happening, as in someone saying Anakin Skywalker again, even though it was already said
  7. That would be too hard for people to read every single post above them, and then choose a different character.
    Nuvo Vindi
  8. (bump) Kylo Ren
  9. Naboo

    Edit ninja: Yoda
  10. AT-ST
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  11. The Imperial Shuttle :p
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