[FORUM GAME] Guess the Word

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Do you mind the term and theme 'Hangman'?

Yes. 19 vote(s) 28.8%
No. 47 vote(s) 71.2%
  1. Code:
     C H R I S T M A S T I D E S 
    letters guessed D, E, A, R, L, T, N, S

    Congrats, you completed the word.


    There was an A but sadly the word had already been solved before your guess.
  2. Hmph, guess ill have to improvise your message then tower:
    Hehe guys, you can spell Deltarune, and in turn Undertale from the guessed letters.
  3. Ah, almost! Well, I guess you can, but the 'S' is in there as well, so it isn't too special anymore.
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  4. Guess I should say some of the guessed letters, but I'm just gonna say that its funny that almost all the letters guessed in this sequence ended up generating those.
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  5. My turn hehehe

     - - - - - - - - 
  6. Is there an A?
  7. Sure is!

     A - - - - - - - 
    guessed letters : A
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  8. Is there an e
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  9. Um... alright. :p
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  10. 'D' worked last time, maybe you've found another word with it in? ;)
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  11. I'll try an R please:D
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  12. S again!
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  13. Sí, dos señor!
    No D.
    One R :)
    Ack, this is getting too easy for you guys o.o One S.
    No P.

     A R - E R - E - 
    guessed letters : A,E,R,S,P
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  14. I still don't know it... :p

    Let's guess a T. :)
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  15. I should have picked a harder word :(
    One T.

     A R T E R - E - 
    guessed letters: A,E,R,S,P,T
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  16. Is the word arteries?
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  17. I still wouldn't have known the word, so I don't think the word is too easy, just bad luck with many lucky and good guesses. :)
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  18. You win :)
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  19. I don't think Tower sent the rupees for last round.
    I don't know if Arkon did, as I didn't get anything right. :p

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