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  1. [AUDIO LOG - 21391225 (12/25/2139, Dec. 25 2139) KESTREL 32]
    We've been searching for a new source of energy to power our mothership for about a year now. The mothership's been dead in space since last January. We're following an energy signal from the center of a galaxy. It's probably a trap, but there's a small chance that it might actually be legitimate. The signal seems pretty real. We're probably going to arrive at it in about 5 minutes, so I'm ready for any sort of fight that breaks out. The signal seems to be coming from a small star. The power in it would probably last at least-*SHOUTS ARE HEARD* WE FOUND IT? IT'S ACTUALLY HERE? WE- *EXPLOSION* WHAT WAS THA-

    After the brief but deadly nuclear war of 2052, most of the earth's resources were depleted. Scientists from around the world attempted to create some method of preserving human life. They came up with project DEEPFREEZ, a concept designed to place the body in a state of suspension, between life and death. After being awoken from project DEEPFREEZ forty years later, we tried to salvage any part of the world, but came up short. We used any resources we could find to create Gaia, a ship designed to house all of the surviving members of earth. We were moved to space. A couple years later, the ship ran out of power. Multiple ships were sent out to find any power they could find. One source was found. More ships were sent out, but it turned out that others had already found it. Other humans, among other things. Other planets had been built on, so we did the same.

    (Now that super serious time is over, let's get to the application!)

    Planet Name:
    Planet Inhabitants: (Human, Alien, Robot, Hum-ali-bot hybrid? Be creative, go wild)
    Planet Research Focus: (Organic, Magical, Robotic)
    Planet Morality: (Lightside, Neutral, Darkside)
    Inhabitant Appearance:

    (Good Example, and, coincidentally, my planet :3)

    Planet Name: The Hive
    Planet Inhabitants: Alien Robots
    Planet Research Focus: Robotic
    Planet Morality: Neutral-Darkside
    Inhabitant Appearance: (Will get a picture if I stop being so freaking lazy) Humanoid Bees, Cyborg (Robotic Parts Inside)

    (Bad Example)
    Planet Name: vvhnqr23 ;j90gr8hoaeh;gru
    Planet Inhabitants: reepers
    Planet Research Focus: ur mum
    Planet Morality: lord of death
    Inhabitant Appearance: giant monster that kills you if you see it

    And now the boring part...

    1. Don't be "that guy".
    That Guy is the guy who annoys everyone to no end, and attempts to make themselves way to overpowered.

    2. Don't give yourself stuff really quickly.
    Don't go like "we find 1337 stuff"
    "we build a ton of nukes"
    "we blow up all other planets"

    3. Consider The Concept of Time.
    In the forum game that this one is based off of, there was a concept of time. "Posts" and "Pages" were units of time. A post is when someone else posts something, and a page is when, well, a page goes by. (By the way, there are 20 posts to a page).

    4. Don't Spam.
    If you're excited, that's great! But if you spam too much, people might get annoyed, posts might fly by, and your Super-Max prison that took 20 pages to build might have taken 2 hours IRL.

    (Link to the forum game that this was based off of)
  2. Planet Name: "qwopticon"
    Planet Inhabitants: Robotic
    Planet Research Focus: Magic
    Planet Morality: Neutral (until provoked)
    Inhabitant Appearance: miniature robots that are no bigger than the size of a mentos packet
  3. The Hive requests that qwopticon is peaceful towards The Hive for the time-being
  4. Planet Name: lwjadjajd-adjamcjrjf
    Planet Inhabitants: reepers
    Planet Research Focus: ur mum
    Planet Morality: Neutral lord of death
    Inhabitant Appearance: giant monster that kills you if you see it
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  5. Wow. I'm eating Mentos right now, for the first time in a long time. O_O
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  6. denied (i died tho xD)
  7. Planet Name: Retæsir»D47
    Planet Inhabitants: Primitive, Crude, but Smart inhabitants.
    Planet Research Focus: Alchemy Technology
    Planet Morality: Light-light-light-neutral
    Inhabitant Appearance: Green tinged grey skin, head takes up 5/18 of height, four arms and three legs, tall.
    Extra: Adaptive blood cells, but prone to disease. Very social and logical but can have cold logic. Strong creativity, to a point it becomes a new section called the Creatrix Lobe. They believe in Gods. Very high craftsmanship, resulting in patchy, but neat clothes, as well as other products. They learn fast.
    Dumbly and
    or EDIT, to be short.
    Defense and attack is managed pretty well with stones and burning wood as weapons. Gradually innovates but in jolts, because of creativity branching out on weaponry.
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  8. Let's see if I can find my old application from war of the planets now...
    Ah here we go.
    Planet name: Q73F-3JS9
    Planet orientation: Robotics
    ( Hostile, peaceful, neutral) Neutral
    Inhabitant Appearance: Humanoid
    Inhabitants: Cyborgs (The mix with technology allows for the advanced technology on the planet"
    Other notes: Q73F-3JS9 is the main robotics center of the galaxy.Robots can be shipped to relatively near planets and systems (Four Million Miles from center planet) No major defenses at the moment.
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  10. Well I did just copy and paste from the old thread ;)
  11. qwopticon shall input this request into the memory banks and shall be decided upon at a later date.
  12. Planet Name: Galacticore
    Planet Inhabitants: Mutated humans, animals, alien species, Ect.
    Planet Morality: Lightside (most of the time)
    Inhabitant Appearance: Pretty much everything that has existed and will exist.
    Extra info: Galacticore is the planet that keeps time in flow. It was created when time began, and will exist until it ends. It harbors creatures and environments from any given point in time. Those living on the planet mostly coexist in peace, and occasionally even help each other. They originally bickered constantly, until finally it evolved into a battle known as the War of the Times. The war ended in a draw and the creatures agreed to never fight again, as many lives had been lost. This planet can supply many goods- but it's not OP, I promise. :D the planet is only about the size of Mars, and the time zone in it changes daily. For instance, one day it could be the Middle Ages, rich with armor, weapons and more, and the next it can be a wasteland. If this is still too overpowered, tell me.

    Sorry for the wall of text :p
  13. Hm, you have a different definition of "wall of text" then I do... :rolleyes:
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  14. I try not to post too much, as common curtesy. Looking back, my post wasn't THAT big.
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  15. If i quoted your post, it's approved unless i make a note
    approved, however the other notes are a *little* op (not that OP but a little)

  16. Galacticore wishes to be left alone for the time being.
  17. [News- Global, Translated. 3.1 4 1690, 10869]
    Newsman: Report from Gha'di, Scientist
    Gha'di: [Rasping] Last ditch containment efforts. (cough, wheeze) It has breached our containment. Evacuation report. [Collapses, static sound]
    [Clip cut]
    [News clippings]
    {, logical efforts have ceased to live.}
    {will need to be replaced.}
    {Survivors have unsightly rashes}
    {BoostStarter funding for cure}
    {New innovation created from BoostStarter money inspires and helps cure}

    {Wees'taf Ræfrôc in mortal dangers
    A race of people almost vanished from a disease, E-2|15-LA}

    History repeats itself. Ebola situation. By the way, the disease is a coded name of something familiar...
  18. (which, e-2|15-la? also, gha'di sounds familiar... *coughghandicough*)
    The Hive begins work on a military division.
  19. LIke I said I just copied and pasted, I can change it.
  20. that would help a bit :)