[Forum Game] From End to Beginning

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Think we can do it?

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  1. How to Play
    We begin with one word and use teamwork (unless you would like to sabotage) to transform it into another word. But there is a catch! You can only change, add, or remove one character per post.

    Get from Pineapple to Hare

    Player 1: Pineappre
    Player 2: Pineapre
    Player C: Pine Apre
    Player IV: Pine Apren
    and so on and so forth

    1. You may do only one of the following per turn: Add a character, remove a character, change a character
      1. Characters being symbols, spaces, and letters.
    2. You may only post once 2 people have posted after your previous post
    3. Ninjas are a problem. Here is a solution:
      1. Fix your post if you were ninja'd
    4. Players may choose to go with or against the intended target. It is up to you to choose a side.
    5. Try not to immediately revert changes over and over again.
    6. If you manage to finally complete the game, pick a new pair of words to work towards.
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