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  1. May, 2015. In the last couple of months, a vanguard fascist party has experienced a meteoric rise to power in the UK. In the general election, they win every single seat.

    The Queen, fearing that the party may spark race riots which could bring the country to its knees, decides to abolish democracy in the UK for the time being. Instead, average citizens will be selected from the population at random, and tasked with creating new laws, forming a government and opposition, and ensuring good governance. To oversee this, she selects one random citizen (a young 16 year old from Northern Ireland) to act as the Speaker of the House.

    Will you step up to the task?

    Guidelines, Rules, and How to Play:
    • EMC rules apply. Be nice to each other.
    • The state of the country (crime rates, GDP, literacy, income inequality, laws) at the start of the game will be presumed to be how it is as of 24th February 2015. Your policies will change this, and I will throw in random events based on these which you will have to deal with.
    • Refer to players as MPs, for dat immersion.
    • To enter the game (become an MP) post on the thread stating you want to play. Anyone who hasn't posted on the thread in a week will be considered inactive.
    • A government will be formed on 3rd March (1 week). It will be done by having all MPs vote for the individual they would like to be Prime Minister. To stand for Prime Minister, post on the thread "I stand for Prime Minister." on that day. You can vote for the person you want by liking their post.
    • To be elected as PM, an individual must have 50% of votes, otherwise a hung parliament will occur and they must negotiate with others to win their support to reach over 50%, and form a government.
    • If you wish to depose the current PM, post on the thread "I call a motion of no confidence." If the motion gets more than 50% of the MPs' votes (likes), an election will be called, and people may stand.
    • If you want the best chance of getting elected, start a party with other players, to support certain policies. You're responsible for your own internal party affairs, whether your party will have an elected leader, or a dictator running it.
    • Once you get elected as a PM, you will be responsible for putting together a Cabinet. Use this as a reference for the various positions. You do not need to fill all the positions, but it can help. Your Ministers can create and implement policies in the area they are responsible for (police, defense, finance, health, etc.) but not outside of their area (unless, of course, you change the law, or give them more than one position). As PM, you will have responsibility for policies across all areas.
    • You can't implement policies or do things which the law forbids you from doing. However, you can change the law, but all MPs will need to vote on it. For constitutional issues (e.g. abolishing the monarchy, introducing a new kind of voting, returning democracy) you will need to call a referendum. Your government gets to hold one referendum when 10 pages have passed after the last referendum, or your election.
    • The game will end under the following circumstances:
      • If a referendum is called changing the form of government, e.g. to a dictatorship or a return to democracy. The dictator will win the game. If there is a return to democracy, I will judge a winner based on factors like performance and time in government.
      • If nuclear weapons are misused, and mutually assured destruction causes the end of the world, the game will end, and I will judge a winner.
      • If a technology is developed which causes the extinction of humanity (superintelligent AI, grey goo, etc.) the game will end, and I will judge a winner.
      • If an event occurs which causes the extinction of humanity (a catastrophic meteor attack, the eruption of Yellowstone)
      • If the UK successfully claims sovereignty over the entire planet, the current PM will win.
    • This game is about:
      • negotiation: working with others to further your party and policies
      • campaigning: convincing others of your policies
      • knowledge: knowing how policies work (poorly executed policies will be prone to going wrong!)
      • experimentation: how will the policies and laws in the game, played by a Minecraft server's forum, compare to those of the real UK?
    Good luck.
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  2. Can I join then?
    By any chance, is this Fascist party a suspicious little independence anti-EU party?
  3. It is not UKIP, it is a fictional unnamed party.

    You may join. :)
    You're encouraged to invite more people to support you in the game, in advance of the elections in a week's time.
  4. I'm definitely going to follow this, sounds interesting!
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  5. Bump!
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  6. Bump!
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  7. What is an MP? I'm going to follow this. I don't know if I'll participate, though.
    Edit: Okay so an MP is a player. Does MP stand for anything?
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  8. I wanted to, but I think it's a bit too complicated for me to quite understand :p
  9. My thoughts exactly.
  10. Member of Parliament.

    I think I just overdid the rules a bit.... if only there was a way to simplify it so people would be more willing to participate it.
  11. I guess I'll join.
  12. Yay! You might want to get more to join, to support you in the game :)
  13. So... UKIP? :p
    Probably a hell of a lot better than the real one's laws and policies :p

    I might join in with this, it sounds interesting...
  14. As I said earlier, no. Imagine the Norsefire Party from V for Vendetta.

    Probably. And do join!
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  15. Just a reminder: there will be an election on 3rd March. If you're interested in playing the game, you should be working on talking to other players who have similar views to you to form a party and work together, and vote for your nominee for Prime Minister.

    Also bring your friends into the game so they can help you out!
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  16. Bump. There are currently only 3/4 people willing to play, if I can't find more I think I might lock the thread and try a simpler game in the future...
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  17. Your are mad SCOMO :)
  18. As soon as I read the notification, I thought "He's said some stupid shit."

    I was correct. Damn you Steven.
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