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  1. introduction

    it is 1st January, 1950. the world has come out of two world wars looking very different. you are selected to take over a nation. how will you make your nation? a conqueror of others? an aid-giver? a ollaborator for better things? a developer of technology? a hub of industry? a focus of wealth and the coin? a theocracy dedicated to the worship of your God? it's up to you.

    1. no god modding. tt must be possible at the time you're doing it.
    2. 1 post = 1 day lapsed in game. your post number (at the bottom right of your post) is the number of days since 1st January 1950.
    3. focus on your technology. even if a technology existed in the real world at the time your post is in, if you haven't put enough effort into researching it, or you haven't gotten a technology from another nation, you won't be able to make use of it. if in doubt, ask me.
    4. you may choose any country or territory which existed in the 1950s. this list may help. so, for example, you could choose the uk, but also a state which existed at the time the game is at, for example sikkim, muscat and oman, or yugoslavia, or even a territory of a state, like the falkland islands or bahrain. if it is an empire, you do not get its colonies. so if you choose the uk, you only get great britain and northern ireland, but not hong kong or others. try to keep your claim to a territory widely recognised at the time of the game.
    5. i reserve the right to remove you or add rules to the game, as i see fit.
    6. emc rules apply. be nice to each other.
    7. you cannot claim land outside of your nation. In 'The New Era', Mrlegitislegit sort of confused me by saying that you can't claim the land of other nations, so I claimed land in areas where no other nation had a claim, including bir Tawil, marie byrd Land, and the sea. so, to clarify, you can only have land within your nation.
    8. at the start of the game, no international agreements or organisations exist. it's up to you to make them!
    9. you may claim one nation. you are free to rename it as you please, and modify its ideology; after all, you are effectively its dictator, but you must make its original name and ideologies clear. the population must be an accurate representation of that nation's population at the time you start playing.
    10. you don't need to type all your posts in trendy lowercase helvetica like this op
    11. your nation's land area will not decrease once it has been claimed. if your nation would have been split into multiple nations or partly colonised in the real world at the point in time, your nation will still remain the same size. if your nation would have merged with another nation or annexed another nation at that point in time, than as long as that nation is unclaimed, you get to have it!
    (required to play)
    name of nation:
    political ideology:
    economic ideology:
    your political ideology could be, for example, democracy, anarchism, dictatorship, libertarianism, or authoritarianism.
    your economic ideology could be, for example, communism, socialism, mixed economy, capitalism, or laissez-faire.
    the goal
    the goal of the game is to do what you wish. you can:

    • build an army to conquer the world
    • develop lots of technology
    • make international organisations and agreements
    • build a strong economy
    • ensure equality and an end to poverty for all your citizens and others
    • seek to destroy the world with nukes
    • help other nations in need
    • seek to eliminate all war
    • promote a religion to others
    • spread an ideology, like communism or liberal democracy
    my application
    name of nation: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    population: 181,000,000
    political Ideology: A highly localised, federal, secular, republican liberal democracy with elements of direct democracy.
    economic ideology: Originally communist, but when I seize power, there is a transition to a mixed economy, including progressive taxation, a basic income, and a tax on wealth.
    nations taken so far

    • the union of soviet socialist republics (ussr, renamed the union of federal democratic republics, ufdr)
    • switzerland
    • the german democratic republic (east germany, renamed communist german republics)
    • the united states of america
    • people's republic of china
    • france
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  2. I'll try to play this one..

    How many things can you research at once?
    Like, I am confused about the whole "turns" thing =p
  3. As long as it's realistic, and doesn't amount to god-modding, pretty much anything goes.
  4. ah

    How long do researches take?
  5. name of nation: Switzerland
    population: 4,668,000
    political ideology: Socialist Democracy
    economic ideology: Mixed Economy
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  6. Ah, I finally caught such a game before it had 15 pages :rolleyes:
    I'll be watching this!
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  7. Whatever is realistic. Keep in mind that one post = one day. So, if you're looking to research sending a satellite to space, consider the days that took, and the government resources spent.
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  8. Accepted.
  9. Woah a lot of words. Ummm I'll try but I highly doubt I can do it XD :/
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  10. name of nation: Communist German Republics
    population: 18,000,000 (exact amount unknown. many are still suffering from aftermath of ww2)
    political ideology: luxemburgist democracy (originally stalinist dictatorship)
    economic ideology: luxemburgism (originally stalinist)
    your political ideology could be, for example, democracy, anarchism, dictatorship, libertarianism, or authoritarianism.
    your economic ideology could be, for example, communism, socialism, mixed economy, capitalism, or laissez-faire.
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  11. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics changes its name to the Union of Federal Democratic Republics (UFDR).
  12. Name of Nation: United States of American (U.S.A)
    Population: 153,000,000
    Political Ideology: Democracy
    Economic Ideology: Capitilism
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  13. While I am not playing,

    That's the population of today. Not 1950. Google says you have 153.3 million (https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=us population 1950)
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  14. Accepted, though population is 153.3 million as Nfell said. If you could edit your post to reflect that to avoid confusion, that'd be great.
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  15. Okay, done sorry, first time playing lol
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  16. Assuming this is East Germany, accepted.
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  17. The USA starts researching an army of 10,000 soilders.
  18. You don't research stuff like that, you only research technologies :p
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  19. The Union of Federal Democratic Republics establishes the Cosmopolitan Community, and invites Switzerland, the United States, and the Communist German Republics to join.

    As a member, you will:
    • share all researched technologies with other nations for their use
    • enter a mutual defense pact, where if you are attacked by another nations, community members will be obliged to defend you
    • enter a single market with all other members, strengthening our economies
  20. Name: Peoples Republic of China (PRC)
    Population: 562,000,000
    Political Ideology: People's Democracy
    Economic Ideology: Capitalist
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