[Forum Game] Animal mix up

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  1. Hey guys since I had no other ideas for my 5th year on EMC I decided to make a forum game instead XD. So here is how it works...

    I will start off with an example to start with and after every second animal in the mix up you must incorporate it in the animal you must mix it up with. (these examples are just to show... crocophant, elephorse, etc...)

    Example start off is...

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  2. Batlemur
  3. Doorse (dog horse)
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  4. Horseahorse :D
  5. Seahorsewhale
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  6. I think something went wrong here. :p
  7. Whaleduck
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  8. Duckant
  9. Wolfaffe
  10. Girtle = (Giraffe Turtles have long necks)
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  11. Camoat = Camel Goat
  12. Goatox (goatoxen can plow fields and make goat cheese)
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  13. Oxerfly
    edit: Looking forward to seeing what animal will be prefixed with 'butter'. :p
  14. butterazelle
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