[FORUM GAME] 20,000 colonies under the sea

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  1. You are a submarine pilot who has decided to establish a colony under the sea. unfortunately, people just like you had had the same idea, and you now must keep yourself safe from foes, while helping your allies. good luck, pilot.

    how to start off:
    fill out this form and post it. it does NOT need to be approved by me, and please dont use the obvious names, like Atlantis.

    Name: (pretty obvious what to put here)
    Depth: (this effects how susceptible you are to attacks, and how easy it is to expand and manufacture. to make this easy to understand, rate it on a 1-10 scale, 1 being almost on the surface, and 10 being at crushing depths.)
    hostility: (friendly, neutral, or Hostile)
    Special: (something that sets you apart from other colonies. if you try to give yourself something OP, you will not be allowed to play. you will not be able to start another colony after you get kicked out for OP. Also, you cannot have something that is the same for this for another person AT THE SAME DEPTH.)

    the rules are simple,
    dont attack people who dont have any defenses (you are required to make at least some defense as soon as possible.)
    you have to research advanced tech, such as how to create weapons.
    ill make up rules for the game as it goes, since this the first time im trying this.
  2. Name: Accord
    Depth: 4
    Hostility: neutral
    Special: built in an underwater "valley", this only allows for attacks from the top.
  3. Accord starts researching armor plating.
  4. accord finishes researching armor plating, and starts assembling the armor and attaching it to the base.
  5. Accord finishes attaching its armor, and starts mining out areas under it to expand.
  6. Name: Nocturn Reef
    Depth: 8
    hostility: Neutral
    Special: We have natural deep-water reef corals all around us, which attract a TON of tourist action.
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  7. Nocturn begins research on new propulsion systems.
  8. Accord finishes digging out areas under it, and starts making it into a mining facility.
  9. Accord finishes making the new area into a mining facility, and starts researching autonomous mining robots.
  10. Name: Angler
    hostility: friendly
    Special:Our buildings withstand tons of pressure. Being on the bottom, stealth is our winning thing.We have many unknown animals near us...

    First things we research: The mysterious animals around us....
  11. Accord finishes research on its Autonomous mining robot, named ArMouR, and starts making 10 of them, since each can excavate 1 metric ton of ore each hour.
  12. Name: Abuscus
    Depth: 9
    Hostility: Friendly most of the time
    Special: The population is a mix between aliens and humans
  13. OOC:
    abuscas, your specialty is irrelevant, since the colony you start out with already has a built in plant farm.
  14. Sorry, couldn't think of anything else at the time. I'll edit it right now
  15. Nocturn begins to forage out a bit further and begins a new, aggressive ad-campaign for tourism.
  16. Name: Lunam V
    Depth: 10
    Hostility: Neutral
    Special: We have advanced divers that can stand the depths of our city.
  17. Lunam V begins advanced forges.
  18. Name: Camp Sea-Blood
    Depth: 8
    Hostility: Neutral
    Special: Built into the wall of a trench, this only allows for attacks from the front.
  19. Half Irrelevant: Thread name is based off of 20,000 leagues under the sea :p
  20. No really?

    Sea-Blood begins research on wall mounted underwater ballista and projectiles.