Forms of Stone

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  1. I was wondering which form of stone (stone, stone bricks, chiseled, slabs, etc. but not cobblestone) would bring in the most at auction or just on the general market?
  2. Stone Slabs.
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  3. i knew it right when i saw the alert. But you might be right. Stone slabs are one of the cleanest blocks in the game.
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  4. bump, still looking for some more opinions
  5. Maybe chiseled only because it requires more steps then the rest. Circle stone is just 2 slabs together but for chiseled you need to cook it. Not sure how much more it would fetch but if I had to guess it would be chiseled. Can't say I've ever seen one though.
  6. ok, thanks for your input. Smelting isn't a problem at all for me.
  7. Of the top of my head the different ones are: Stone, Stone Slabs, Stone Brick, Stone Brick Slabs, Stone Brick Stairs, Circle Stone (the square shape in the middle) and Chiseled Stone Brick.

    Then ya def the Chiseled. But if you have alot of stone maybe you could auction 1 of each kind together. That would be a good set for any builder. They wouldn't need to make it themselves, they'd be all set.
  8. yea, i have about 8 DCs with plenty more on the way, so i might do a couple auctions like that.