For the Next 12 hours...

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  1. Ok...ok... I don't really even like this suggestion much, but I just had to say it, lol. So what if for 12 hours on some random say, EMC had the announcement form the purge "For the next 12 hours, all crime is legal". It would be in wastelands, but griefing and stealing would still not be aloud. It would just be PvP turned on :p You wouldn't even have to go in the waste if you didn't want to, but it would make it so fun for that small amount of time :p You could prepare your gear and arrange groups to travel in. Again.... I don't like this suggestion a lot.... but I had to throw it out there :p
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  2. /purge = pvp drop items arena makes more sense
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  3. like it :p
  4. Sounds cool we should have gladiator battles in a collosium
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  5. Where's the dislike button?
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  7. Click on my dragon to dislike
  8. Lol me and cj are friends, he's chill with it (hopefully)
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  9. I know :p
  10. That pic was HILARIUS Tuo.
  11. lol I'm fine with it :p
  12. Nah, but ya:
  13. Don't mean to be harsh but yah... The moment EMC turns into global PVP is probably the moment I'll move on. I'd normally elaborate but I don't see the point here :p
  14. Terrible idea, if my outpost gets griefed you will all see the unpleasant side of me
  15. Middle Earth vs Earth
  16. Yeah, main reason I didn't like it. But now I'm in to this new PvP thing :p
  17. Yall should just make an seperate hunger games world where you can grief custom houses for 2 days ( Minecraft days ), Have one day of extra resource gathering and then the final day would be an ultimate battle, Which would summon everyone to the middle.