Flying vehicles in the Nether and The End ?

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  1. I guess I can just build one and see what happens.

    But I wanted to ask here first,

    Does the EMC server allow flying vehicles in the Nether and The End ?

    There are some simple designs for flying machines out there.
    Keeping a few blocks in your inventory will save you a lot of trouble.
    Especially if you encounter a vast ocean of lava The End.

    Anyone know about this ?
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  2. In general: if it doesn't exploit any bugs or game mechanics then it shouldn't be a problem. I'm aware of some mechanics which utilize pistons and slime blocks and since those are all vanilla game mechanics being put to use I can't think of any reason why this would be forbidden.

    Note: this is just my personal opinion / estimate on the whole thing.
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  3. yes, but you will need to tamper with the timing a little since emc pistons and redstone functions differently.

    also any collision with built structures will be seen as griefing on the logs so i wouldnt afk while doing it, not even to mention that interacting with the emc world while afk is not allowed
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  4. I've built about 5 and none worked. EMCs timing means you'll eventually be knocked off the craft. The best one I made lasted 1.4k blocks in the end before I got knocked off.

    Also, @bitemenow15 : you're allowed to interact with the world while afk if you aren't doing something you normally wouldn't be able to do via plugins. For example: afk cobble gens are legal.
  5. Yes they are allowed. I built one and flew 5k all the way to my outpost without problems. It worked just as fast as in vanilla so some designs may work better on EMC than others.
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  6. Could I see your build some time?
  7. You should remember that if it malfunctions mid flight, there is a chance you will be burning or falling into an endless abyss when doing it in the End and Nether.
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  8. My friend is the one who originally showed it to me but he just found it by a google search lol
    This is the one I used
    afked in it for 5k blocks as a transport to my outpost before we had a rail to it.
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  9. as long as it is not a trencher it should be ok XD just be careful about afking
  10. Boat on the front is intelligent. I had mine in the middle
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  11. On those planes the pistons like to glitch out and temporarily disappear. In 1.9 its even worse. There is a bug where they dissapear for a moment every time they move, so you would fall through instantly.
  12. I managed to get to the islands of the end from spawn, so not instant!
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  13. Oh, maybe that was fixed in a later 1.9 version because I know in 1.9.0 it was like that. I clould be remembering playing the snapshots too though so I could be wrong :p
  14. Uh? This might not be related to the topic of the thread, but I am pretty sure this is not true. Or do you mean you're only generating the cobblestone and not actually mining it?
  15. Looked this up, I was apparently wrong. You're not actually allowed to have anything happening in Minecraft while you're afk, despite the fact that you can afk place a book on your mouse without any mods being involved. I'll prob pm (Krissy?) About it.
  16. the nether is hard XD unless u make a trencher but that is risky if buildings are near it
  17. What is a Trencher ?
    You have a pic of one ?
  18. How do you activate and deactivate it ?

    I like the simple design.
  19. I can't quite remember but I think you hit one of the pistons with flint and steel. You could also use a lever. I don't know which piston but there's not too many possibilities :p
  20. no it abuses a tent bug so u make a insane trench safari as u go a good friend of mine made a insane 1