Flying bug on Utopia

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  1. I discovered this by accident today. If you fly high enough on a res, it'll say you're leaving the res. This allows you to fly over res's that have fly turned off, because you can fly above the res level on the res next door, then fly over to the res with fly turned off and then just drop down wherever you want.
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  2. Res's have a height limit of 255. Above that you are not on a res. Yes could then get on someones res who had fly flag off but there really is no harm to this.
  3. Yeah, I mean no harm but if someone turned fly off on their res for a reason... because they didn't want someone getting to a spot that required it... well, this would allow them to do that by flying higher than 255 and then dropping down.

    I don't really know if this is a bug but it could be resolved by not allowing players to fly above 255.
  4. Well the small issue with that is you can build to 255 and sometimes you need to be higher then that. But I agree, there is a fly flag. No use having it if it can be bypassed :p
  5. I also can't seem to start flying from a town road. If this isn't some issue on my end but actually how it's setup then that seems kind of weird too.
  6. Same
  7. (didn't test this, it's just what I remember) I think you can, but you need to come from a residence with fly turned on.
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  8. Yeah, I think whatever flying flag was on the previous residence you visited applies until you get onto a new residence. So if you're coming from a no-fly residence, you can't fly again until you enter a fly residence.

    A slight improvement would be if the town code gave you flight back as soon as you left a no-fly residence, since you should be allowed to fly in the public areas, I think.
  9. this is not a bug, if you dont want people flying onto your residence do a glass block roof at 255.

    what was a bug was if you were flying around exploring used to and you dropped down on a residence you didnt have move on, used to you would float at 255 stuck until the server kicked you for flying. that was fixed by it returning you to the spot you began flying on if you flew into a res you had no move on/no fly on
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