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  1. Okay, I just had to come back from the nether 3 time for 4 different flags for my alt that I didn't even know existed... May we please get an "All" or "Trusted" flag to make things ALOT easier.
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  2. I believe you can actually set flags from anywhere in the server I think
    /res set [res#] [flag] [t/f]
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  3. That is for blanket flags for all users, not individual player flags.
  4. I thought you could :)
    That, combined with setting multiple flags at once makes thing very easy :)
    Sure, it's not what some want, but it's a step in the right direction :)
  5. I tried that earlier, didn't work
  6. Really? It should.
    I just did in in the wild too, works fine, make sure you have the right order or arguments.
  7. Hmm, either way, it would be so much more convenient for an "All" flag, yea?
  8. You think Unbenannt.png :p
    It would be sure better.

    I've thought about an "Alt" flag. It has been said, that giving a flag, which can controll all, isn't safe from griefing etc. So why don't create a flag, which allows you to do everything, maybe expect giving away flags, to that res. It can only be given out, if the player giving the flag and the player receiving the flag are both online and have the same IP. It can also be controlled by the Website, that you have to accept it or something like that.

    yes, that is what I'm thought about all the flags, give me some feedback :)
  9. The flags used to fall under the the major flags: build, use, and container. But i guess these new ones don't do that?
  10. The new ones need to be individually typed out. Aikar has added the ability to do it in one command, but they still all have to be written out and the Minecraft chat isn't big enough to do them all at once, so no copy + paste.
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