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  1. To allow you to customize your res as much as possible, EMC has lots of flags to control your res. Flags are like permissions, they say what people can and can't do on your res.

    To give a flag to everyone use: /res set [flag] t
    To remove a flag from everyone use: /res set [flag] f

    To give a flag to a single person use: /res pset [name] [flag] t
    To remove a flag from a single person use: /res pset [name] [flag] f
    To reset a single person's flag back to default use: /res pset [name] [flag] r

    If you're not standing on your res:
    To give/remove a flag from everyone use: /res set [res number] [flag] [t/f]
    To give/remove/reset a flag from a single person use: /res pset [res number] [name] [flag] [t/f/r]

    NOTE: Aikar's dumb so you have to put flag names in lower case
    • Build - Allows placing/destroying blocks, lighting fires, place liquids
      • Place - Only allows placing of blocks
      • Destroy - Only allows destroying of blocks
      • Ignite - Only allows/denies usage of flint & steel and fire-charges
      • Bucket - Allows buckets to be used to collect/place liquids
    • Use - Allows usage of doors, crafting tables, and other similar things
    • Container - Allows opening of chests, furnaces, dispensers, hoppers, brewing stands and other similar things
    • Move - Allows people to enter and /v onto your res
    • Firespread - Decides if fire is able to spread on your res. Cannot be used with pset
    • Anvil - Allows usage of anvils
    • Breed - Allows people to breed animals with wheat/carrots/seeds
    • Enderpearl - Allows people to throw (and teleport with) enderpearls on your res
    • Villager - Allows people to trade with villagers
    • Firework - Allows fireworks to be used on your res
    • TNT - Controls if TNT will explode
    • Shear - Allows shearing of sheep
    • Flow - Controls if liquids will flow on your res
      • LavaFlow - Only affects lava
      • WaterFlow - Only affects water
    • Boat - Controls placing/destroying of boats
      • BoatPlace - Only allows/denies placing of boats
      • BoatDestory - Only allows/denies destroying of boats
    • Minecart- Allows placing/destroying of normal minecarts
      • MinecartPlace - Only allows placing of normal minecarts
      • MinecartDestroy - Only allows destorying of normal minecarts
      • TNTMinecart - Place/destroying TNT minecarts. Person also needs minecart flag.
      • StorageMinecart - Place/destroying storage minecarts. Person also needs minecart flag.
      • HopperMinecart - Place/destroying hopper minecarts. Person also needs minecart flag.
      • PoweredMinecart - Place/destroying powered minecarts. Person also needs minecart flag.
    • TP - Controls if someone can /v onto your res. If someone has -tp, and +move, they can't /v, but can walk on.
    • Kill - Controls if animals can be killed.
    • AnimalDamage - Control if animals take damage
    • Horse - Allow/disallow horses to move
  2. Don't forget the Bucket flag :D

    Thanks for the guide Jack. :)
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  3. 2nd! Thank you! Very helpful. All someone has to do is make this thread a sticky..
  4. Awesome! Didn't know about the egg flag. BTW container is also necessary to fill and attach a block to a dispenser. And villager FTW!!!
  5. Great guide! In the interest of thoroughness would you like to add info regarding setting permissions whilst not on the lot, through the use of adding the [lot number] to the command string? :)

    I also threw a sticky on it to keep it topside for near future at least.
  6. Added, thanks for the suggestion (and the sticky). :)
  7. I think you missed the shear flag which is now needed to shear sheep.
  8. Added. Thanks.

    (I could swear I added it in the first place though...)
  9. missed anvil, whats an egg flag? lol

    i do plan to add an egg flag, but pretty sure there is no egg flag yet.
  10. Jack is an idiot and didn't read no perms message properly.

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  11. Will there be an enchanting table flag too?
  12. Villager says Invalid flag.
  13. jack posted a few before I actually deployed it... :p
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  14. Well this is useful for me.
  15. i give flags to my brother he says he is will destroying my house :(
  16. Great guide Jack! <- Did I need to say that? It's great either way :p

    One question. Can you use the /res set/pset [res number] in the wilderness?
  17. Yup. :)
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  18. YES!!! :D
  19. I tried it in the wilderness, it DIDNT work -_-
  20. Did you have the correct res number?
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