[Fix] Invisible chests with Optifine? => Read this!

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  1. Hi gang!

    One problem which I came across in-game quite a few times (even before I started experimenting with mods myself) is: "Help, my chests are invisible!". I noticed this happening on a few servers; I went over to the players plot and saw the chests just fine (on vanilla; MC 1.8.4). Obvious conclusion: its not server sided, so it has to be their setup. Talking things over learned me that players were using mods and so far disabling Optifine worked for them.

    In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, this:

    There are chests there, see outlines + item frames...

    Before you wonder: I know that disabling Optifine is overkill and that relogging might also have fixed the problem. Keep in mind: when I tried to help these players all I knew was that Optifine was a plugin which enhanced graphics. That's all. That has changed in the mean time..

    So when this happened to me I was all the more eager to find a solution. And I think I did come up with something which doesn't even require you to relog:
    • Open the pause screen (escape) & click "Options".
    • In the Options screen select "Video Settings..."
    • In the Video Settings screen select "Details..."
    • Focus on the option "Translucent blocks..."; remember what setting you're using now.
    • Click this option until you get the previous setting again.
    • Done.
    Changing that setting works "on the fly", in other words: it becomes active right away. I tried this option because I figured that the invisibility was some kind of translucency. And well, for me this got the chests visible without disabling or reclogging:

    Bingo; problems fixed.

    Hope this can help some of you guys.

    This is not a specific EMC problem: its Optifine having a glitch.
  2. I tried, and it didn't work.. :/
  3. This happens to me frequently when switching between smps. I don't use optifine.

    I believe it's a client rendering issue since a) the client knows the chest is there and is able to draw an outline, b) the chest can still be accessed with right-click.
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  4. JesusPower2 already mentioned it above, and today I can finally confirm it too:

    I called in a friend and for sure, she saw the chests normally. So I then did the following:
    • Escape (pause menu) and opened Options.
    • Clicked video settings.
    • Cycled through 'Smooth Lighting'.
    After that everything was back to normal:

    SO I have to agree with JesusPower up there, this seems more like a client problem, perhaps caused by lag? In a recent shop review I started noticing how large sections of the walls on another residence kept being invisible for no obvious reason. So perhaps that's related...
  5. Hm... interesting. I'll look out for this, and if I get to know anything I'll share it here.