Fish Club!

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  1. Do you enjoy fishing? Do you need or find yourself always find yourself with no rupees?
    Bored or want to do a job that's 24/7 and don't need to be rushed or pushed around?

    Join Fish Club! on Smp5 res #10016 :D Right outside of my shop you will find two lovely fishing spots. By the Fish Shack you can purchase rods and right next to it you can sell me your big catches. But what about perms on my res? Well guess what, you don't need them. Nothings stopping you from catching those fishies! So if your just bored or are in desperate need of rupees, come on by!

  2. =3 i like to fish
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  3. Awesome! I'll pass by ;)
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  4. Fish flavored pie :)
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  5. Ooh, you mentioned this once when on smp4. I checked it out, and it looks pretty nice. It's a great idea, and I plan to stop by more often.
  6. Last time i went deep sea fishing i caught nothing -_-
    Sea Lions and Pelicans are quick little things, stealing my bait. -_-
    Biggest fish i ever caught was like a 35 pound Red Drum.
    He was tasty. :D
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  7. say whaaaaaa.........
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  8. Have you never gone deep sea fishing?
    There's fish called Red Drum. They are tasty and can weigh a lot.

    And the pelicans would swoop down and grab the live bait we would use and fly off with it. same for the sea lions.
  9. yeah just confused as why you found the need to post that here in a thread about a fishing res.
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  10. The first rule of Fish Club is: You do not talk about Fish Club.
  11. Sorry. My brain saw fishing and went into fish story mode.......
    I'ma shut up now ._.
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  12. Talk About Fish Club... someone didn't read the first rule :p
  13. I enjoyed your story. :)
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  14. i would of also enjoyed it had it been in the section of crap no one cares about .... i mean
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  15. Spoken like a true gentlemen.
  16. Talk about Fish Club rolly polly fish club
  17. I must admit I first thought this was another one of those clubs.
  18. nope :) if you need some rupees or got some people begging sent them there. problem solved
  19. I meant like Delta Club, Legit Klub, 12 Year Old Club, etc.
  20. Or if ya feel like hanging out and fishing with the smp5 folks :D