First Day of Highschool -_-

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  1. Even though its the end of my first day XD. Got any tips for someone just starting highschool?
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  2. Uh, get a whiteboard to write down all your assignments and work, and don't get stressed or you'll get an inflammation of the lymph nodes in the abdomen(Thats dumbed down too :p).
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  3. watch out for the seniors, they can be a bit crazy sometimes xD
  4. Lol i realized that XD I saw them denting lockers and being stupid :p
  5. Enjoy yourself. Don't get freaked out by the amount of homework. Schoolwork before minecraft. :p
  6. yea im a junior, can't wait till i can do the same xD
    have a good year :)
    its always fun the first year.
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  7. Stay far away from EMC forums while typing up essays. You might learn the hard way.
    Other than that, try to make sure you're polite to the teachers. Say hello and goodbye, thank them. Quite helpful at the end of semesters.
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  8. If your school's math program uses Saxton do the next lesson's assignment (skip that lesson's problems do the past one's instead) early even 1 problem done early is one less the next day
  9. If you ever need help on a math problem I'd be happy to help. I'm an engineering student so math is my friend. Cheers and good luck!
  10. This was my first day too, but honestly i dont think you have anything worry about. I have helped friends of mine that were nervous, and if u do your work teachers usually want have a problem with you, and those are who need to worry about most.
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  11. We aren't all crazy >_> :p
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  12. Just do what i do. ( im in the 11th grade ). Just stay quiet...
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  13. Errk, don't walk into a Spanish class thinking that it's your health class without someone else with that problem. It makes it a lot less awkward
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  14. I'm going to be super honest with you here. Bear through it and know that eventually it will all be over and you never have to go there again in your life.
  15. I know it's hard to believe but your parents also went to high school, if you have any trouble don't be afraid to ask them for help.
  16. In my school, my first camp in high school was the best, first to go to bathe you had to receive cintarazos of karlly, then 6 strokes with a broom from Sebastian, then you had to play with the biggest fights, finally you had to corer all arround of a court with calsoncillos at 3 in the morning, singing a song.
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  17. That is not on. Even in my day in high school (20 odd year ago) that wouldn't be tolerated.
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  18. Tell me about it... My first day Of high school was last week.
  19. For some advice... Take your classes seriously. If you need help, there is no shame in asking your teacher. A lot of freshmen I knew were intimidated by their classes/teachers at first because, well, its nerve racking in the beginning. Some people think its best to just tough it out, they are smart enough to spend 10x the amount of time figuring it out on their own rather than asking a teacher whose only job is to help you. The logic should be clear in that one lol.

    Extra credit is one of your best friends. Extra credit now means less sweating later.

    Become friendly with your counselors!! I cannot stress this enough. They aren't there just for dropping a class. They are there to help you succeed, and present options to you that are very good. Hell, mine suggested a PSEO online fitness class, for college credit. Now I won't have to take a fitness class in college, and it had to be the easiest class I ever took.

    Avoid literal areas of conflict. There may be places that the bad@$$ idiots like to hang near, and you don't want to be near there. Staff members aren't inept to their surroundings, and will mentally catalog those who frequently are around rowdy groups.

    Go to the bathroom before school, especially if you are male. A boys bathroom has more missed streams than a canine potty training school. I'm not sure about women's bathrooms, as I have not been in one lol.

    Have fun. I am taking AP Calculus 2 this year with three other friends, and we don't get a teacher. While that may sound like hell in a three inch text book, it is by far my favorite class, many lolz are had.
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  20. Um.. not really :confused:. That's not completely true. When going camp, some of the senior, wich are leaders, make some like "initiation", as of what ive heard they make them do that "hit school students with a Belt, then they make you run in boxers around a field" or that kinda stuff" But that doesn't mean that's how you've become a senior :). At school that kind of stuff is not tolerated. Though some of the senior go off the lines sometimes.

    (Btw me and felino are in the same school so <.< i know about this :) )