First Ban/TempBan/Kick

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  1. My first Temp Ban was 11 months ago for 3 days due to spamming
    What was your first TempBan/Ban/Kick?
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  2. Let me see now, about never ago. :p
  3. My first kick was for referring the cat to it's not-so popular name.
    I was very immature back then.
  4. I got kicked once for telling someone to stop spamming and I got temp banned for 2 hours because my friend went on my account and started talking about... stuff... in town chat. but they were very long ago.
  5. Haven't had one, unless you count getting kicked for "Flying is not enabled on this server" for walking around in a laggy area one time :p
  6. The first time I was kicked was me kicking myself, over two years ago. I haven't been kicked by anyone who isn't me, iSmooch, Malicaii12 or Green_Mystery. Maybe Maxarias, too.

    We kicked each other a lot.
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  7. idk if ive ever been kicked? how do i check
  8. You can't check by yourself, only by memory. But Square can :p
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  9. I used to get AFK kicks all of the time here in EMC, but when I was an admin at a long dead server, I was doing something in the console and accidentally (technically) banned everyone, myself included, by activating the whitelist.. xD
  10. Princebee commented, last banned never ago.
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  11. 1 and 1/2 years ago. Then I was known as 4 year old adin lol. Temped banned for spamming "anyone selling spawn eggs" I didnt actually know I was temped banned until i got permed ban a few months later. LOL
  12. I'm not sure if I've ever been kicked/banned for anything.
  13. Never banned or tempbanned, I was kicked for "Flying is not allowed" because I was getting a bit of lag, and I was riding a horse, but I don't really count that... :p
  14. All accept 1 kick was from the same mod. Every kick or ban was from this one week after a bunch of bad stuff happened and I hated the world. All within the same 2 weeks. The other kick was for saying "god damnit" in town chat.
  15. Lel you said it again XD
  16. I know. I still thought it was a dumb kick :p. Nothing illegal.
  17. I was kicked once for using the block-jump glitch.
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  18. My FIRST Kick was... Never. Maybe, I had like one when I first joined from someone but I can't remember.
    :3 I was temp banned a few times, for not so serious stuff but meh (don't like going into detail, but I think I am doing good not getting temped in 6 months lol.)
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  19. I always knew you were crooked. You only act "nice" and "helpful" to cove up your real plan, to one day take over EMC and replace it with Chicken Empire.
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