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Add this (remember not everyone has a good computer)

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No 6 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. I'm sick and tired of lagging due to fireworks, there's always a firework spammer in certain events and places I go. PLEASE add a cool down to them. It lags others too. Can the limit be 15 seconds in between them? Also if u say: "fireworks don't lag me, don't add it". Well. . . some people have issues with Minecraft dealing with FPS and not everyone has a good computer.

  2. Just ask the person who's running the event to turn firework flag off on the res.
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  3. If you see an unattended firework shooter, contact staff and they will turn it off.
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  4. This can help in some cases, but can be very irritating in other cases, like if people want to use fireworks for something but then get their fun ruined because they have to wait to use it again. If you see a person spamming fireworks at an event, there's going to be a staff member on the server that you can mention it to.

    Adding a cooldown to solve a problem that can easily fixed by telling a staff member is for the most part completely pointless.
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  5. "not everyone has a good computter" my laptop is four years old and still dont lagg with fireworks you just have to set all settings to "small" "short" "off" and it don't lagg, only with a intel dual core (mine is i3) (normol I'use my game computer, a very fast one)
  6. Fireworks can be an issue at some points of the game, but at events mkst time people bring them for the "party" but as said before. Just ask the res owner to turn it off.
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